May was an unusually eventful month, especially on the burlesque front with US burlesque superstar Catherine D’Lish not appearing as planned at either the London Burlesque Festival or her own re-scheduled shows and workshops. No matter, there was still plenty burlesque action around the capital, especially for those barred from the festival by their boss.


Catherine D'Lish

Catherine D’Lish: the US burlesque superstar re-arranged then was forced to cancel her workshops and shows.

Catherine D’Lish announced her rescheduled workshops and shows before cancelling them at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.
The MOD gave the thumbs down to London Burlesque Festival.
Damsel Sophie gave us five compelling reasons to date a cabaret singer.
Kiki Lovechild delved into his clowning background for some salutary tips for politicians.
You can still win your own Marcel Lucont gig
The Erotic Awards 2013 announced their winners.
We previewed The Big Mix which raised money for cancer support.
We previewed and reviewed London HoopFest.


Mr Bruce of the Correspondents appearing at White Mischief’s War Of The Worlds.

The Queens of Burlesque (book review): “This is a book to be savoured, enjoyed and inspired by.”
Burlesque Beauty (book review): “Undeniably, picking just eight UK-based artists is a difficult task.”
White Mischief’s War Of The Worlds: “If an alien invasion comes with a party like this, the end of the world might not be so bad.”
Kit and McConel: “A truly enjoyable pair to watch.”
Casus’ Knee Deep: “For God’s sake, please don’t try this in Waitrose.”
The Church of Legs Akimbo: “Sermons like this would drive many back to religion.”
The Apocalypse Gameshow: “As a gameshow, it lacks any element of skill. As a piece of cabaret, it lacks talent.”
Liza (On An E): “(Trevor Ashley) has chosen to focus on the most gargantuan of stars, and gayest of icons, Ms Liza Minnelli.”
Alison Jiear: “It’s hard to think of another female singer, living or dead, who encompasses the range of styles with which she’s comfortable and so consummately good.”
Crafternoon Cabaret Club: “An interesting and unashamedly girly afternoon.”
Circus Maximus: “The UK’s first ever circus competition.”
Nina Conti: “(she is) a semantic conundrum in being a solo performer who never works alone.”
Miss Hope Springs: “Jeffries is a finely sardonic lyricist and superb jazz pianist.”
The Playboy Club’s Baroque Cabaret: “a classic case of pearls before swine.”
Darkling: “Dusty Limits is like David Bowie, in that fancying him doesn’t make you gay, it simply makes you human.”
Friday Night Freakshow: “Anyone looking for a late night shot of exuberance to end the working week will not go far wrong.”


Sxip Shirey, musical director of LIMBO: "I've always wanted to do a high end circus cabaret."

Sxip Shirey, musical director of LIMBO spoke to us about his new show.

LIMBO’s Sxip Shirey: “I’ve always wanted to do a high end circus cabaret.”
Casus’ Jesse Scott: “We need to live this show every night as though it’s the first.”
Postcards Festival’s Adrian Berry: “a giant celebration of what to me is the most exciting hybrid of art forms around”
Barrister-turned-performer Nigel Osner: “Some cabaret venues should try more imaginative marketing.”
Latitude’s Tania Harrison: “There’s one act on this year’s bill that I was talking to for three years before I was able to book them.”
Betsy Rose and Vicky Butterfly: “Until I watched Catherine for the first time, I’d always seen striptease as a part of a story, but she made me realise that it could be a luxuriant journey in itself.”

Audio/Visual Treats

The finale saw the performers gathering together before Lucont gave another rendition of his winning entry.

The finale of Alternative Eurovision 2013 saw the performers gathering together at the end before Lucont gave another rendition of his winning entry.

Alternative Eurovison: Pictures from one of the highlights of the cabaret calendar.
Video: Matt Hennem’s Liquid Underground

Photo credits: Simon Smith (White Mischief) and Gui O’Connor (Alternative Eurovision). The others were provided by the artist.