As international burlesque stars, the Folly Mixtures often find themselves being interviewed by magazines, blogs and audience members. Some questions are thoughtful and intelligent posers…and then there’s the other type of question: the stupid kind. 


The Folly Mixtures.

Whether it is London Fashion Week, Madame Jojo’s or touring the UK with An Evening of Burlesque, the Folly Mixtures are a burlesque troupe that add a touch of class wherever they go.

The ladies who put the sex into “sextet” are Bettsie Bon Bon, Angie Silva, Ella Boo, Felixy Splits, Liberty Sweet and Ooh La Lou. Their regular Soho revues have drawn a loyal following both amongst the audience and online and, whilst the Folly Mixtures are keen to get the word out and change the world’s perception of what burlesque is, there are a few things that they just get a teensy bit sick of being asked.

So, as a burlesque one-stop FAQ, they have put together a list of questions that they really, really don’t want to get asked again. Hopefully, for the final time, they answer some of them here.

1. Doesn’t your boyfriend mind?

I’m fairly sure he isn’t the one getting onstage and performing. It’s my choice, plus he gets to regularly hang out with six smoking burlesque dancers. He struggles through somehow.


2. Do you use eyelash glue to stick on your nipple tassels?

No. And ouch. We all know they’re stuck on with glittery unicorn magic.


3. Aren’t you embarrassed to be stripping? It’s demeaning to women.

One word: CHOICE.


4. What do your parents say?

They say lots of things. How’s the cat, have you paid rent, your grandma says hi. Why, what do yours say?

5. Is burlesque like the movie with Christina Aguilera?
In a word, no.


6. You say that boys do burlesque? What on earth do they do?

They take their clothes off onstage, often with a cheeky, satirical and witty nod to the current political climate. They create a performance that highlights the ridiculousness of the world around us and puts this perfomative, social commentary into an accessible and amusing context.

Oh wait, no, they’re strippers. Just. Like. Us.


7. How do you guys stay fit and toned?

Have you seen the size of the suitcases we have to lug up and down tube stairs every day?

And never, ever say the words “we’ve run out of bubbly wine.
Find out more from the Folly Mixtures online at their official website.
Photo Credit: Steve Hart at Dress Me Up and Shoot Me and Zoe Hunn.