Another year, another evening of Flying Penises handed out to Erotic Awards winners.

For many a year, the Erotic Awards have championed various sex-positive aspects of society while raising money for The Outsiders Club, a charity which helps disabled adults determined to enjoy their lives to the full.

The selection for 2013 comprised a number of diverse categories including Performance Artist, Striptease and Club/Event. The first two featured artists who had battled through an exhilarating semi-final to reach the shortlist. All winners walked away with the Erotic Awards’ signature trophy, the Flying Penis. Congratulations one and all.


Performance Artist

Winner: Mr Mistress
Runners-up: Aurora GaloreAmanda Prince-Lubawy and Tommasso Contortionist

Winner: Jewel Inthelotus
Runners-up: Dinah MightBenedict Garrett and Missa Blue

Winner: Double R Club
Runners-up: Kinky Salon London and Criptease

Winner: Dr Meg Barker
Runners-up: Dr Brooke Magnanti and Sue Newsome

Winner: Monica Cook
Runners-up: Sarah Maple and Wreckage International

Winner: Slutever
Runners-up: Tits and Sass and The sh! Girlz Blog

Winner: Laura Agustín
Runners-up: Steph Wilcock and Benedict Garrett

Winner: The Sessions
Runners-up: House of Tolerance and Sleeping Beauty

Winner: Bottom Spankers (Bert Gilbert)
Runners-up: Make Love not Porn – (Cindy Gallop) and Stronic Eins (Funfactory)
Lifetime achievement

Winner: Hilary Spenceley
Runners-up: Penny Arcade and Dr Marci Bower
Outsiders Award

Anita Kataraumbe

Winner: Cindy Gallop – Winner
Runners-up: Myles Jackman and Ava Caradonna

Winner: Predrag Pajdic
Runner-up: Magnus Beuys

Winner: Jungsheft –
Runners-up: Research for Sex Work and Gil Elvgren’s Private Stock
Sex Worker

Winner: Charlotte Rose –
Runners-up: Bryan Moore and Nina and Aidan

Winner: Erotic Review
Runners-up: It gets better (Dan Savage) and Escort Buddies

Winner: Brooke Magnanti – Sex Myths
Runners-up: Eric Berkowitz – Sex and Punishment, Henry Baum – God’s Wife, Pamela Stevenson Connolly – Sex Life, K D Grace – Riding the Ether, Alan Moore – 25000 Years of Erotic Freedom, Sophie Hayes – Trafficked
Sexual Therapist

Winner: Sue Newsome
Runners-up: Colin Richards and Katie Sarra
Tabloid Scandal

Winner: Benedict Garrett
Runners-up: Prince Harry and Millie Robson

Full information on the 2013 Erotic Awards can be found here.

Photo credit: Christian Sinkinson