Fuck your fifty shades of grey and say hello to a hundred shades of real eroticism.

The Erotic Awards made everyone feel welcome.

The Erotic Awards made everyone feel welcome.

Under the cheeky title of Great Sexpectations, the semi-finals of the Erotic Awards were recently held in West London’s Bush Hall.

The brilliantly diverse show, the precursor to next month’s main event, saw twelve very different performers compete. There was burlesque, circus and dance routines but, as the pictures show, this was not your average variety night.

Everyone will have their own definition of “erotic” but there was enough on display for all but the most depraved of creatures. The audience were treated to an array of talent including nude ballet, naked contortionism and fireworks being put into locations that Guy Fawkes would have blushed at the mention of.

Host Mat Fraser ably oversaw proceedings with comic assistance from the wings by Lilly Snatchdragon. Before and after the competitors, the audience were treated to extended routines from burlesque troupes &?! (pronounced “And What?”) and the Late Night Shop Cabaret as well as an epic finale from Rubyyy Jones.

The Erotic Awards final itself will be part of the annual Night Of The Senses party taking place on 17 May where winners will be awarded the coveted Flying Penis.

The Erotic Awards raise money for the Outsiders Trust, a charity that helps disabled people enjoy their lives to the full.

Photo credits: Jerome deFreitas for Slave2thevibe