Award winning Lynchian dark art cabaret, The Double R Club, returned for it’s sixth annual Miss Twin Peaks contest last month, led by the “so fucking suave” host Benjamin Louche. With eight performers and a fancy dress contest, the night was never going to be short on entertainment. And what a bevy of contestants all vying to catch the eyes of four judges including Dusty Limits and Meth!

Ragina, a trained ballet dancer, performs the dance of the broken-hearted, en pointe, while slowly asphyxiating. It’s a pitch-black start to what promises to be a dark and challenging show.

Carmen Mon Oxide pulls out all the stops referencing the Lynchian world at her every turn. Her operatic rendition of Eye of the Tiger climaxes with an impressive display of titillating tassel tricks.

Rhyannon Styles mixes mime and lip syncing to a cover version of David Bowie’s Rock n Roll Suicide to great effect, turning an overcoat into a lonely fantasy.

Tom Harlow gives a haunting performance in which he embodies the essence of Marilyn Monroe. In a slow strip carried by his presence, he shines.

Vivid Angel brings the dark energy! Lucifer has fallen and this act sees a triumphant celebration of all things occult, ending in a surprise twist of lighting, which is nice as it is so unexpected.

Havana Hurricane executes a classic, pretty burlesque dance. It has a dash of melancholy to sweeten it’s slow reveal.

Sarah-Louise Young goes back to the womb to give birth to a surreal routine. Backed up by excited spermatozoa, she cavorts as an egg before unleashing her song Please Don’t Hand Me You’re Baby. A deserving second place.

Laura Moody is last but no means least. Her bizarre experimentation with vocals and cello are an animalistic experience quite nothing else on the cabaret scene. The standing ovation is appropriate and the performance sees her crowned Miss Twin Peaks.

The eventual winners were:

(drum roll, please)

Miss Ghostwood (third prize): Rhyannon Styles

Miss Sparkwood (second prize): Sarah-Louise Young

Miss Twin Peaks (first prize): Laura Moody 


This year’s Miss Twin Peaks once again was a festival of the macabre, the weird and the menacing.. It was a real pleasure as a show and stands as a worthy testament to the creative juices flowing in the London cabaret scene. Till next year!

The Double R Club can next be seen taking over the London Wonderground on 1 August before returning to the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club for another season of shows there. Catch up with the latest Double R Club devilry via Facebook or Twitter.

All images: Juliet Shalam