This Friday, performance art collective Queens of the Underworld bring new show ZODIAC to Cafe Cairo in Stockwell.

London is not short on regular high quality themed variety nights – here a Cabaret Roulette, there a Double R Club – and new show ZODIAC is looking to break into those ranks. On the last Friday of every month, the Queens of the Underworld (Oberon White and Laura Gwen Miles) will put together a new constellation of entertainment including installations and interactive performances.  Music and films by famous musicians and filmmakers born under the current zodiac sign will also feature.

Turn up this Friday and step inside the Palace of Pisces for a night of aquatic acts encompassing cabaret, drag and live-art. Already announced are Scarlett Lassoff, Edythe Woolley, Asher Fynn, Tallulah Haddon, Jacob Aria and Oozing Gloop.

Audience members are asked to dress up and a prize will be given for the audience member deemed “most channelling the scales & spirit of Pisces”. Doors open at 9pm, the show runs until 2am and the tax is £8 on the door.

More information can be found on the event’s Facebook page.