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Roll Up For The Sheffield Burlesque And Cabaret Extravaganza

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This August Bank Holiday, Sheffield will have its first cabaret and burlesque festival featuring a fantastic cast of performers. 

Next week, the Sheffield Burlesque and Cabaret Extravaganza will present a veritable cavalcade of local, national and international talent. Over four evenings, a riotous variety of vaudevillians – from dancers and singers to contortionists and mime artists – will take to the Library Theatre stage. Each night will be hosted by top notch comperes: Abigail Collins (Thursday), Joe Black (Friday), Amber Topaz (Saturday) and Reuben Kaye (Sunday).

Produced by Lara Gothique and her Velvet Burlesque company, the festival in the self-proclaimed “largest village in England” will be part of a landmark year for the Northern burlesque and cabaret scene. This April’s Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival became the first ever such event to receive Arts Council funding. The Velvet Curtain Cabaret in May began a new era of vaudeville in Leeds’ historic City Varieties Music HallInternational burlesquer extraordinaire Dirty Martini appeared in not one but two shows, visiting Leeds and Manchester last month while in October another American icon, the headmistress of the New York School Of Burlesque Jo “Boobs” Weldon, will be headlining Burlesque Noir at the Blackpool Tower.

The Sheffield festival’s shows will be complemented by daytime workshops on Saturday and Sunday with some of the festival’s most experienced performers passing on inside tips. The classes cover a range of subjects including dance, make-up, hair-styling and circus skills. The classes are held at the HYPE Dance Studio and The Showroom Workstation.

In addition, renowned photographer Neil “Nez” Kendall will also be bringing his Burlesque & Striptease Museum to the main foyer of Sheffield Central Library on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 August.

Here’s the full rundown of all those appearing at the Sheffield Burlesque and Cabaret Extravaganza shows and workshops.

Thursday 25 August

Abigail Collins


Raymond & Mr. Timpkins
Talulah Blue
Lady Francescca
Raven Noir
Lady Wildflower
Dominic Mattos
Trixie Blue
Kitty Ribbons

More information


Friday 26 August

Joe Black

Jeanie Wishes
Arran Shurvinton
Whisky Falls
Cece Sinclair
Miss Knockout Noire
The Flapper Tappers
Oh! Carolina
Diva Hollywood
The Magic Ball Man
Ana Kiss
Pinky DeVille
Carrie Couture

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Saturday 27 August

Amber Topaz

Josephine Shaker
Tricity Vogue
Aurora Galore
Terms of Unnervement
Pixie Le Knot & Yasmine Florentine
Lady May Den-Voyage
Steve Faulkner
Molly Moonstone
Rock Hart

More information


Sunday 28 August

Reuben Kaye

Duo Bogof
Scarlett Daggers
Verity Grey
Didi Derriere
Angelica Cardone
Betty Blue Eyes
Micky Bimble
Hells Belle

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Workshops & Classes

Whip cracking for Stage & Fun – Diva Hollywood
Pin-Up Hair Styles – Gypsy Rose Salon
Charleston & Jazz Steps – Josephine Shaker
Stage Make-Up – Joe Black & Arran Shurvinton
Burl-Ecstasy – Amber Topaz
Fan Dancing – Aurora Galore
Circus Skills for Children – Emily Rose Greenwood

More information on all workshops

The Sheffield Burlesque and Cabaret Extravaganza runs from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 August at the Library Theatre, Sheffield. For full information on each show and the workshops, check out the official website.

Review: Heels Of Glory, Chelsea Theatre

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Seven years in the making, self-billed “drag action musical” Heels of Glory arrives for a three week run at Chelsea Theatre as one of the headliners of this year’s London Pride Festival.

Heels of Glory follows the story of Honey (Matthew Floyd Jones), a young drag queen and her Bond-obsessed best friend Jay (Susan Harrison) as they sneak into drag club La Douche to see legendary drag queen Splendorella (Topsie Redfern). Amidst the chaos they uncover the evil plan of villain Allura Supreme (Sarah-Louise Young), and the pair become all that stands between her and the fate of all drag queens in the world…

The drag musical offers a screwball rendition of action movies we know all too well – there is a villain, the underdog hero, the sidekick and of course chase and fight scenes – except that the hero is now a closeted drag queen on her first night out and all the other characters are queer as folk.

Topsie Redfern in Heels of Glory, Chelsea Theatre (June 2016)
Topsie Redfern in Heels of Glory, Chelsea Theatre (June 2016)

Do not go in expecting a glitzy, self-important West End musical – with a cast and creative team made up of seasoned cabaret artists, the show does not take itself too seriously. The set is made up of comic book inspired print outs from the chandelier in the ceiling to the rotary dial telephone on the wall while the plot is dotted with farcical but hilarious dei ex machina: the chase scene between Allura’s henchmen and Honey is interrupted by “union rules” – just as the henchmen are about to apprehend our hero, their shift is over and they are off to grab an interval drink.

The show is an unapologetic celebration of everything we love about LGBTQ+ culture, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race references, sing-alongs, and in the great tradition of Paris is Burning, a reading session thrown in for good measure. In a way Heels of Glory is an extended cabaret show featuring some of the UK’s finest drag/cabaret talent. Topsie Redfern, Drag Idol UK 2013 runner-up and Best Drag Newcomer of Boyz Scene Awards 2014, blows the audience away with her vocal finesse and inimitable stage presence.

Young, member of Olivier award-winning The Showstoppers, brings to life the villain that we hate to love and love to hate. Not to forget Jones (of Frisky & Mannish fame), who charms the audience with his impeccable comic timing and innate hilarity. His first time performing in full, high camp drag, Jones is almost unrecognisable and couldn’t be more different from his balaclava clad drag alter ego Ruth Less.

Writer and creator Tricity Vogue has said she hoped that Heels of Glory would not be a “niche thing” but, instead, something that would appeal to the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. In light of what happened in Orlando and what is still happening to the community around the world, it is all the more important that we protect queer spaces like this, a place that celebrates and embraces differences, regardless of one’s sexual and gender identity. The grand finale is a perfect example of this: the company breaks into song and dance, the audience are invited to join them on the dance floor and everyone is encouraged to sing along to the final number, the aptly titled Don’t Let Them Drag You Down.

Packed with action, comedy, feel-good songs and the all-important message of self-acceptance, Heels Of Glory is the show to see this Pride Season.

This Is Cabaret rating ★★★★

More information on Heels Of Glory can be seen here:

Images: James Millar. Do not use with permission.

Girls on Tour: Naked Girls Reading at Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival and Beyond

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The London chapter of Naked Girls Reading, the literary salon where less is more, is going on tour this summer, starting with an appearance this Saturday at the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival. The theme is ‘Yorkshire: God’s Own Country!’ and pays homage to the region and draws together the talents of Tricity Vogue, Rubyyy Jones, festival producer Heidi Bang Tidy, and show producer Glory Pearl.

Below, Glory Pearl inducts us into the mysteries and marvels of Naked Girls Reading.

If you haven’t been to a Naked Girl Reading event, the premise is simple; a panel of women read aloud a selection of texts linked by a common theme. And they do it naked. The rules of the chapter allow us to wear shoes, accessories, jewellery, make up but no clothes, and the themes range widely, from “Fairy Tales” to “Erotica”, and from ‘The Demon Drink” to “Phenomenal Woman” – any genre goes, fiction or non-fiction, and past readings have included classics such as The Iliad, Kerouac’s On the Road, poetry by Baudelaire, Joan Collins’ memoirs, and even Winnie The Pooh. The selection is eclectic, but I’m always keen to include at least one poem from independent poetry publisher, The Emma Press and at Hebden Bridge, I’ll be reading from their Slow Things collection.

Naked Girls Reading is special; a live, nude, literary salon, where beautiful women read beautiful words and a grown-up bedtime story that is intimate, playful and sincere. Its roots are in performance art, the conceit of the female nude as object in art, to be looked upon, assigned meaning, turned on its head by the simple act of choosing what to read and reading it aloud.

When we read our texts, (chosen by each reader and preceded by a short introduction where we explain our choice), our subjectivity cannot be ignored, just as our nudity, (no pasties or merkins here), cannot be hidden – we ask you to look, to listen, to open yourself as the stories unfold.

There is no doubt that Naked Girls Reading is provocative and transgressive, but it is also gentle, inviting the audience into the soft warmth of its bosom as it challenges preconceptions and steps lightly over the boundaries of what is expected of women. In that feminine softness, there is great power, and it is no surprise to me that the shows attract a very broad audience. I thought it was high time people outside of London got a chance to experience that.

As well as the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival, you can catch us at the following places:

Brighton Fringe Festival

Theme: Phenomenal Woman!

Readers: Mysti Vine, Jeu Jeu La Foille, Glory Pearl

Venue: The Marlborough Theatre

When:10.30pm on Saturday 7th May

Tickets only £10 and available here:


Guildford Fringe Festival

Readers: Luna Rosa, Lena Mae, Glory Pearl

Venue: The Keep Pub

When: 8pm on Friday 8th July

Tickets only £10 and available online at


Edinburgh Fringe Festival

14 & 21 August at a secret location (email us at for more  details)

More information on all thinks Naked Girls London related can be found on their website.

UPDATED: London Pride’s Line-Up For Cabaret Stage

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With Pride in London mere days, the largest LGBT event in the capital is shaping up well.

True, nothing can beat the utter shambles that was London’s attempt to host World Pride in 2012 but, going by the line-up on this year’s cabaret stage, there is plenty to look forward to this time around.

The entertainment starts at 1pm and continues through to 7.30pm. The stage will be set up in Soho’s Wardour Street and access will be free and non-ticketed. We advise getting down there early for a decent view – no-one wants to be that person stood behind the 8-feet tall drag queen wearing a wig with its own postcode.

New additions since the list was originally published include the Royal Tease’s Sadie Sinner as well as Myra Dubois who joins Tim McArthur and Bunny.

Worth looking out on the day for are latex loving alt-burlesquer Marnie Scarlet, an excerpt from Tricity Vogue‘s musical Heels Of Glory, gloriously inventive clown Pi The Mime, Lipsync 1000 finalist Ruby Wednesday and drag satirist Margaret, Queen Of Soho. The Pride’s Got Talent competition which proved controversial last year is back, contributing no less than 7 performers to the bill.

Here’s the full list. Those marked PGT came through the Pride’s Got Talent competition.

Image: Paul Grace 

The Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival Is Back!

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The Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival 2015 opens its doors next Thursday for four packed days of shows, workshops and more. We look into what this shining jewel of the UK burlesque scene has to offer.

Fans of the art of burlesque may remember the frankly and rather hilariously misinformed Hebden Burlesque Festival brouhaha of 2013. In a nutshell, an elected official who apparently didn’t know the first thing about burlesque decided to deny the festival the opportunity to take place in a council-managed building, saying that she considered that the art form “arouses strong feelings, and many people feel it is demeaning to women, and raises issues of gender equality”. Which is odd, considering that this just isn’t true and, moreover, Hebden Bridge has a reputation for being really rather liberal, at least when it comes to women.

Heidi Bang Tidy, who co-produces the festival with fellow performer Lady Wildflower, insisted at the time that burlesque was a “legal and legitimate art form” and that “we object to being told that the people of Hebden Bridge are not capable of deciding for themselves whether they wish to purchase a ticket for a burlesque show and that our show is not an ‘appropriate’ use of a public building”.

Unperturbed by all that, this year Tidy and Wildflower return with the UK’s most “inappropriate” festival, or for the grown-ups among us, Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival, and the line-up is blinding. Rosie Lugusi, Khandie Khisses, Vicky Butterfly, Andromeda Circus, The Boy With Tape On His Face, Lili La Scala and Tricity Vogue will all be there, along with the renowned “Anti-Art School” Dr Sketchy’s. The festival, which runs from Thursday 30th April – Sunday 3rd May 2015, looks set to be a long weekend of fun, frolicking, fabulousness and potentially a glittery middle finger to those locals of a more sensitive disposition.

Boy with Tape
The Boy With Tape on His Face.


The festival features a plethora of live shows spread over four venues in two towns, Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge. The party is kicked off next Thursday by a charity fundraiser and Burlesque Bazaar hosted by The Voice’s Kiki Deville. Rosie Lugosi helms the Late Night Cabaret the next evening and Heidi Bang Tidy reveals the stars of tomorrow at the Legend In The Making Newcomers Competition. The winner of that contest joins an all-star cast at the following day’s Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival Gala featuring Vicky Butterfly, Russell Bruner, The Boy With Tape on His Face and Violet Blaze.

There will also be plenty to do during the day with twelve different workshops providing an education in a number of areas. Attendees can learn to bump’n’grind with Khandie Khisses, get lessons on the art of the fan-dance or dive into “Burlesque for Beginners” classes. And then there’s the whip cracking workshops, vintage hair tutorials, aerial taster sessions and lessons on how to play a ukelele with Tricity Vogue, who is also bringing her swing band along to perform at the festival.

All in all, the weekend will be packed with scintillating burlesque acts, amazing circus performances and engaging workshops. Get there and show the town just why burlesque is something worth celebrating for everyone.

For information and to book tickets check out the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival website.

Preview: Mimetic 2014

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The Familia De La Noche crew are one of the attractions at this year's Mimetic Festival.
The Familia De La Noche crew are one of the attractions at this year’s Mimetic Festival.

Award-winning producers Finger in the Pie are back for a third year with their Mimetic Festival, a two week celebration of devised, physical and visual theatre, puppetry and cabaret. The festival makes its mission statement very clear: “to become the hub for emerging European theatre making in the UK”. For those who love to twiddle their beret to Berkoff, warble to a bit of sing-a-long cabaret or just enjoy a bit of stripy black ‘n’ white jumper action, The Mimetic Festival promises to cover all ground. And presumably, smash all of these stereotypes out of their stagnant waters.

The whole festival is being held in Waterloo this year at The Vaults in Leake Street, and the programme promises to deliver a wealth of cutting edge live entertainment.

Speaking of which, in the cabaret room burlesque and drag provocateur Rubyyy Jones, recently featured in London Live’s The Drag Queens of London, is presenting a revue which will encourage you to embrace your own inner Rubyyy Jones. For those who have given up keeping up with the Joneses, this is your golden opportunity to became one of the finest around.

Mimetic are also hosting Tricity Vogue and her ukelele with her show, Songs for Swinging Ukeleles. Marcus Reeves steps away from the interviewing couch to bringing his spangly face and performing pieces from his debut album, The Masquerade Macabre. Plus there’s The Naked Stand-Up from Miss Glory Pearl, one of the hits of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.  Her one-woman comedy promises to be an amusing look about the way we look at our bodies. And, simultaneously, hers.

Finger in the Pie collaborators, Familia de la Noche return with their five-star rated sequel to Pinocchio, The Greatest Liar in All the World. This ambitious work incorporates song, puppetry, physical theatre and clowning from the Boom & Bang Circus’ Dott Cotton. In a completely different vein, there’s a chance to see Holestar and her autobiographical Sorry I’m a Lady. The self-styled “tranny with a fanny” has a intriguing background going from a stint in the British Army to becoming a brothel receptionist and a dominatrix on her way to the limelight.

Charmingly filthy puppets Boris & Sergey bring their helpers from Flabbergast Theatre to create an hour of bunraku pleasure. Other festival performers will be helping out as the odd, and possibly slightly more normal, audience members. If you need a bit of magic in your life then Cabaret Roulette tricksters Griffin and Jones can help, with their show Fooling Themselves.

Burlexe/Boylexe, the innovative show that introduces spoken word and the history of burlesque alongside live performances, is going to fit in well at the festival, and Lady Celeste, the Australian diva, is performing some of her “theatrical” songs as well as her own versions of current pop songs by the likes of Destiny’s Child and The Spice Girls.

The Mimetic Festival will also be running a late-night festival bar featuring cabaret performances and club nights throughout various theatre and cabaret spaces, so if you’re into your after hours cabaret this will be worth checking out.

For a full line-up and ways to grab yourself tickets to any of these events, and more, check out the Mimetic Festival 2014 website. And, while you’re clicking away, the Vaults website is also worth a gander.

Next Weekend: Not Television Festival

Red Bastard will be amongst the acts appearing at the first Not Television Festival at Chelsea Theatre next weekend.Read more
Red Bastard will be amongst the acts appearing at the first Not Television Festival at Chelsea Theatre next weekend.
Red Bastard will be amongst the acts appearing at the first Not Television Festival next weekend.

For those coming down or on a come down from the Edinburgh Fringe, the Not Television Festival on 29-31 August at the Chelsea Theatre could be a perfect pick-me-up. And for those who missed the Fringe, this is a chance to catch up with some of the finest cabaret happenings up there. The events are curated by Ben Walters (BURN, This Is Not A Dream) who is already a familiar face at the venue thanks to his regular Come With Me If You Want To Live shows.

If West London residents still have the hatches battened down after this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival, it could be because they’ve heard that Red Bastard was in the neighbourhood. The larger-than-life confrontational performance artist is one of the Fringe faves appearing over the festival’s three days.

Joining the American are some homegrown talent in the form of Miss Behave’s GameshowThe Creative Martyrs’ Cabapocalypsaret, Uke of Edinburgh organiser Tricity Vogue and Julie Madly Deeply‘s Michael Roulston. From even further afield is Australian Tomás Ford and his Electric Midnight Cabaret, described by Walters as “what might happen if Sweeney Todd threw an electro-punk party in the sex dungeon of the TARDIS”. Indeed.

There’s mystery theatre courtesy of NY singer Lady Rizo and Boom & Bang Circus compère Jonny Woo. They will both be partaking in the White Rabbit, Red Rabbit drama experiment in which they will be handed a sealed envelope as they step on stage. The envelope contains a script and neither they nor the audience have any idea what is to unfold over the following hour.

As if that’s not enough, Walters has more than just cabaret up his sleeve. There’s tea dances, drawing sessions and the opportunity to unburden your deepest worries into the Anxiety Box (“a cathartic repository of all the ills of our neurotic society wrapped up in a couple of square feet of cardboard”). Crikey.

Tickets cost £12 (£8 concessions) for a single show, £20 (£12 concessions) for all shows on one day and £35 (£25 concessions) for all three days.
Full information can be found at

Fringe News: Uke Of Edinburgh Winners Announced

There's still time to catch the Ukulele EvangelistsRead more
There's still time to catch the Ukulele Evangelists
There’s still time to catch the Ukulele Evangelists

The Edinburgh Fringe is usually not short on awards or reviewers, albeit of varying quality. It has been a tough year on both fronts, though, for the acts in the cabaret category. Many have seen neither hide or hair of an informed critic; meanwhile, with Time Out pulling out of covering or promoting cabaret from last December, the only trophy dedicated to those at the Fringe has disappeared too.

No matter. In the TO&ST award’s  absence, the Uke Of Edinburgh has stepped up to provide its own prestigious accolade which this year has been won by The Ukulele Evangelists.

Host, organiser and creator of Songs for Swinging UkulelesTricity Vogue oversaw the contest on Saturday night held at the Bingo hall on Nicolson Street. There, the audience heard Edinburgh’s best ukulele acts battle it out and, after a hard-fought competition, The Ukulele Evangelists were unanimously voted this year’s winner.

Vogue acclaimed the triumphant troubadours saying, “you have to see this act. Fantastic ukulele playing – and really funny”. Here are the band in action [warning: may contain blatant plug].

The Ukulele Evangelists Bang One Out, an alternative cabaret show, is now in its final week.

Bye Bye Battersea Barge: The Cabaret Boat Is Going Out With A Bang

Owner of the barge for 14 years, Mr Peter LewisRead more
Dusty Limits wins Best Host at very first awards
Dusty Limits accepting the Best Host Award aboard the barge in 2012.

The River Thames may seem an unusual avenue for cabaret but for many years that is exactly where you would have found the Battersea Barge. Moored just down the road from the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, it has played host to some of London’s cabaret greats like Dusty Limits, Sarah-Louise Young, Piff The Magic Dragon, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer and Paul L Martin.

Martin has a connection with this floating venue that goes beyond the purely professional. He recently told us “the barge is my spiritual home.  I shall probably be buried there, under the stage – or the chemical toilet.” His production company Excess All Areas have used the joint for a number of their shows including the first London Cabaret Awards event in 2012, the monthly talent contest Cheese ‘n’ Crackers which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and their twice-yearly pantos.

That all, though, will come to an end over the coming weeks, albeit with something of a bang. Cheese ‘n’ Crackers’ final outing on the barge is on 3 July and the last panto there is shaping up to the best yet. Penned again by Martin, Dial M…For Death sees features a plot packed with twists, turns, drag and double entendres. Fitting the theme, this slice of panto noir has a killer cast too: Benjamin Louche, Tricity Vogue, Champagne Charlie, Becky John, Jamie Anderson and Martin himself.  The fun starts this Sunday and continues until next Friday.

We spoke to Martin about the barge’s past and its owner Peter Lewis. “I don’t know what the barge did before Peter took over in 2001, but I don’t believe it was doing cabarets, ” he said. “He was previously a professional musician, hence his passion for it.  I was the very first person to approach him about putting on a show on a sunny Sunday in the summer of 2001 and I was the very last promoter he was there to work with before retiring.  I was up a ladder painting a ceiling with a mutual friend of Pete’s and telling her about my cabaret show, Trinity’s and that fact that it was looking for a new home.  She suggested I pop down and see him!

“I think what I’ll miss most is the uniqueness of the place – the fact that it is hidden and cosy and kind of a secret, and the fact that it’s a bit rough around the edges and kinda crap despite (or perhaps because of) the fairy lights and the velvet curtains.  Customers have a magical experience at the barge and I know that they have come to my shows in part because of the venue.  We are in talks with a number of venues about moving Cheese ‘n’ Crackers and the annual whodunnits and pantomimes, but wherever we go it will never be quite the same again.”

Indeed. We won’t tell you twice: cabaret on the barge is a unique way to spend an evening no matter what format the entertainment takes that night and you have literally days left to find out what it is all about. We’ve plundered the barge’s photo archive to bring you a stroll down memory lane featuring Paul L Martin, Dusty Limits. Sarah-Louise Young, Jamie Anderson, Fancy Chance amongst others.

And as a taster of what to expect at Dial M…For Death, here’s some footage from last year’s summer panto aboard the barge. Tickets can be purchased through, and the Yplan App.

SS Atlantica: Vintage Hijinks Aboard A Floating Speakeasy

Tricity Vogue and her band (pictured above) were on hand and on board the SS Atlantica.Read more
Tricity Vogue and her band (pictured above) were on hand and on board the SS Atlantica.
Tricity Vogue and her band (pictured above) were on hand and on board the SS Atlantica.

Few cities around the world can effortlessly blend past, present and future together like London can. Inspired by the American Prohibition era, S.S. Atlantica invites its audience to step into a vintage playground.

Thankfully, the entrance point to this world is not the back of a musty wardrobe but the Savoy pier outside Embankement station. Once aboard, the ship, a tableau is laid out which entices all of the senses. At one end, guests can indulge their decadent side by joining the throng gambling at the casino tables or taking in the live music and burlesque; at the other, they can quaff cocktails while take in views along the Thames and the whiff of the river breeze. Thinking The Great Gatsby meets Bright Young Things and you’re not a million miles (or years) away.

The crowd is predictably biased towards the young but there are a smattering of all ages impeccably dressed up for the occasion with an array of splendid fashion on display: top hats, bow ties, vintage fur coats, pearls, feathers, finger waves as well as the unmistakable allure of Chanel Number 5.

The atmosphere sparkles like the champagne served at the bars by the attentive and smart dressed waiters. There are no awkward silences – far from it, especially when the very sassy and talented Tricity Vogue and her live band start up. They perform two sets of bawdy originals and jazzed-up covers of melodies from the likes of Eurythmics, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Elton John.

Marianne Cheesecake is a vision with her perfect porcelain skin, carmine bee-stung lips and Charleston frocks.
Marianne Cheesecake is a vision with her perfect porcelain skin, carmine bee-stung lips and Charleston frocks.

The floorshow doesn’t stop there. Canadian burlesquer Marianne Cheesecake is a vision with her perfect porcelain skin, carmine bee-stung lips and Charleston frocks. Her classic burlesque routines also complement the night’s mood, a special highlight being her balloon dance with its playful choreography and punchy payoff.

The boat makes its circuit up and down the Thames twice – those looking for an early night (perhaps with a new companion) can scarper ashore when the boat returns to its embarkation point. One of the guests, a well-dressed girl in her late twenties, told me that she enjoyed being part of a world detached from reality for a night. Of course, London does not lack in entertainment and nights out but it is increasingly rare to see retro class infused into a party with the same skill as seen here.

Londoners seeking a night of escapism – not just from their worries but also from the twenty-first century and terra firma, should step aboard SS Atlantica. A night spent beneath the stars and on the waves while supping a beverage of choice and quality is rarely a wasted one. Like the speakeasies of old, Atlantica is a haven away from the everyday and the proscribed. Moreover, don’t be shy – this is the perfect place to practice your lindyhop, find your new favourite cocktail and take selfies as you coast past an illuminated Tower Bridge. The only crash that may happen will have nothing to do with Wall Street and everything to do with energy levels.

More information on SS Atlantica can be found on the official website. The next event is on 30 November.

Photo credit: Sin Bozkurt