Being imaginative and subversive sorts, most charity efforts by cabaret performers are a little different to the usual fun run or cake bake. This year, we’ve already seen a variety show in the West End and a boundary-pushing burlesque event.

Preacher Muad’Dib, though, will not be dancing in a tutu or removing clothes. No. In aid of homeless charities, he will be putting an apple into his mouth and slicing it with a running chainsaw. And he will be repeating this crazy act as many times as he can for a minute in an attempt to break his personal best of 17. Rather him than us.

This experienced sideshow artiste from Ireland is no stranger to audacious feats of sideshow bravura. Last year, he raised over a thousand pounds for domestic abuse charities with his successful attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most fire eats inside a minute. And this was two years after he broke the record for the highest number of fire eats within 30 seconds.

The Preacher will be revving up the chainsaw in public on 1 July. Until then, you can keep up to date with his progress on his official fundraising page. Donations can be made there or directly to him via Paypal to