They say opposites attract. Obviously “they” have never been speed dating, but we digress. Everyone say hello to drag queen Velma Celli and drag king Mr Fox.

Velma Celli (l) and Mr Fox (r): the dynamic duo debut their new show this Sunday.

Velma Celli (l) and Mr Fox (r): the dynamic duo debut their new show this Sunday.

Cabaret is not short on gloriously kooky couples.  This weekend sees a new musical pairing between a 6’8” leviathan of a drag queen and her (comparatively) tiny partner-in-rhyme drag king Mr Fox.

Together the pair have been wowing audiences at the Hippodrome Casino as part of Celli’s own show but this Sunday (6 October)they up sticks to the Volupté Lounge for the debut of The Curious Case of Velma and Mr Fox. There is no ticket charge although there will be a hat passed around at the end so bring cash, friends and high expectations. These two can twist show tunes and pop hits this way and that to great comic and NSFW effect. Watch as they comment on the news that Kerry Katona will be playing Marilyn Monroe on stage later this year.

We spoke to the pair as they prepared for their grand premiere.

What’s the absolute best thing about being a drag queen?

Velma Celli: It’s hard to pick one but being the queen of fucking everything is pretty neat!
Mr Fox: Not having to shave!
You’re forced to fight each other to the death. What’s your strategy?

VC: A high kick in the face. Once he is down, I will jump onto him in the splits and, using the medium of high soprano notes, I will explode his brain. Kinda.
MF: Whilst she’s singing a high C, I would simply plunge my hand down her throat and rip out her vocal chords. I would then tie them in a knot resulting in some sort of strangulation and eventual suffocation.


Who is your drag queen or king idol?

VC: My reflection.
MF: Sharon Needles from Ru Paul’s Drag Race.


What is your signature tune?

VC: At the moment, I would have to say a fabulous arrangement of Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night by Joe Louis Robinson (our musical director of dreams). It doesn’t sum me up per se but it is simply fabulous.
MF: Probably Strapping On Our Bits to the tune of Puttin’ on the Ritz.


What’s your number one top tip to aspiring drag queens and kings?

VC: Don’t bother!
MF: Pad it out, pad it up!

Full information on Sunday’s show can be found here.

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