Aurora Galore at 3 Serpent Circus

Who Are The UK’s Top 20 Burlesque Performers?


Aurora Galore

Aurora Galore, winner of the Innovation Award at last year’s Burlesque Hall Of Fame

Last week, industry website 21st Century Burlesque revealed the results of its latest annual poll sponsored by Sublime Boudoir and announced the top 50 burlesque performers in the world as voted for by their peers and members of the public.

While the final results reflect the site’s largely American readership, extra lists have been produced which reflect how the international community fared in their own country. As identified by the site, here are the top twenty  performers from or based in the UK.

1. Aurora Galore (Burlesque Top 50 No. 15)
2. Vicky Butterfly (Burlesque Top 50 No. 17)
3. Kitty Bang Bang (Burlesque Top 50 No. 30)
4. Polly Rae (Burlesque Top 50 No. 41)
5. Betsy Rose (Burlesque Top 50 No. 44)
6. Havana Hurricane (Burlesque Top 50 No.  45)
7. Mat Fraser (Burlesque Top 50 No. 50 )
8. Velma Von Bon Bon
9. Rubyyy Jones
10. Bettsie Bon Bon
11. Reuben Kaye
12. Immodesty Blaize
13. Banbury Cross
14. Khandie Khisses
15. Missy Malone
16. Missy Fatale
17. Anna Fur Laxis
18. Eliza DeLite
19. Luna Rosa
20. Lady Wildflower

Itchy voting finger? It’s not too late to have your say on who should walk away with a London Cabaret Award. See here for details.


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