Which member of the cabaret scene tickled your tastebuds last year?

Which member of the cabaret scene tickled your tastebuds last year?

If you feel someone in the cabaret scene deserves special recognition, now is the time to stand up and be counted.

The London Cabaret Awards have flung open the doors to the hoi polloi to allow them to choose the winners of two categories in which the judges have no say. Given some of their frankly bizarre nominations thus far, that may be for the best.

The Unsung Hero Award is voted on by industry professionals while the Audience Award is decided by the public. Past winners have included Jo King, Jayde Adams and Alp Haydar. Click on the relevant links to make your voice heard or browse the official awards website for more information.

The winner in each category will be revealed at the London Cabaret Awards ceremony on 9 March. Tickets for this annual shindig are available here. Please note that the qualifying period for nominations is 31 Oct 2013 to 1 Nov 2014 and that the price of the tickets will go up by £1 each week between now and the ceremony.

We wish all in the cabaret community the best of luck, be they (for example) performers, producers, promoters, editors, critics, photographers, technical staff or superfans. You all make it what it is, and it is rather fine. Obviously, we frown upon blatant campaigning even by the shameless likes of Reuben Kaye.