Just in time for Christmas, we have not one but two eye-opening burlesque adaptions of The Nutcracker.

Michelle L'Amour's cheeky twins return for some more classical grinding.

Michelle L’Amour’s cheeky twins return for some more classical grinding.

Earlier this year, we discovered that Michelle L’Amour’s backside was possibly her best side with a viral video that has so far been seen over 8 million times. EIGHT MILLION. That’s about the number of people that are in London.

Now hold onto that thought when we tell you that L’Amour has gone “arse backwards” again and delivered an even cheekier (ahem) video. While she twerked it to Ludwig Van Beethoven in her first outing, this time she has donned a tutu and shakes it like a polaroid picture to the familiar Yuletide sounds of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s 1892 ballet The Nutcracker.

Butthoven was brilliant but L’Amour’s The Buttcracker takes it all to a whole new level. Roll VT.

And that’s not all. Describing itself a “baroque burlesque confection”, Nutcracker Rouge bring out the pasties, garter belts, bustiers and BDSM gear to spice up the classic ballet. Austin McCormick’s Company XIV and The Saint At Large have created a version which appears short on clothing but high on kink.

For more information on Nutcracker Rouge, running now until January 5 at New York City’s Minetta Lane Theatre, check out the official website here.

Can anyone else hear a spinning sound? Just us then.