What’s that? Burlesque and karaoke? What kind of crazy combination is this? Answer: the fun kind!

Singing and stripping have been cosy bedfellows for decades. These days, the likes of Miss Polly Rae and Amber Topaz display considerable chops in both departments. Indeed, it is hard to imagine the early days of burlesque without picturing some saucy songbird somewhere in the mix. But karaoke instead of singing? That’s a new one.

Launching this week, Burlesqu-aoke presents two distinct kinds of entertainment which for unfathomable reasons have yet to be brought together under one roof. As a comedian, burlesque artist and much-loved compere of London cabaret institution Bar Wotever, effervescent producer Mysti Vine already has enough feathers in her cap to fly her back to her native Canada.

On Thursday, la Vine will host the inaugural outing at the Hackney Attic and promises a night of live burlesque performances complemented by opportunities for the audience to show off their vocal talents (or lack thereof). There will be no shortage of entertainment, much of it intentional, as well as the chance to shake a leg and grind the night away as DJ Dave keeps the party pumping from behind his decks.

Proving that you don’t need an offshore account to save money, tickets are £6 in advance or £8 on the door. More information on Burlesqu-aoke can be found right over here.