This is quite possibly the ultimate Boxing Day treat: switch off the TV and gorge on Frisky & Mannish’s first three shows.


After yesterday’s feast of mass over-consumption, a few too many drinks and no shortage of TV watching, we know that you dear reader are raring to sneak on the trainers, hit the sales or wine and dine all over again with a different set of people.

For the more sane amongst you, there are other options. Christmas may have left a hole in your pocket wide enough to sail the Titanic through but, courtesy of master mashers Frisky & Mannish and in celebration of their fifth anniversary, over three hours (THREE HOURS) of free and brilliant video entertainment that every cabaret fan should watch have been released to the interwebs. Whether you’re their biggest fan (like, ever) or someone curious to know just what the fuss is all about, now is your chance to lie back and revel in their genius at leisure. You may even find yourself singing versions of their songs on a talent show like a certain Edward Reid.

Frisky & Mannish: School of Pop

“Our first full-length show, the smash-hit sell-out sensation that was School of Pop. It’s time for a primary pop education. Featuring Kate Bash, Beep and the Stalker Medley.”


Frisky and Mannish: The College Years

“The smash-hit sell-out follow-on The College Years. See us viva our thesis on Collision Theory, reuniting Peter Andre and Florence + The Machine, analysing exactly why Noel Coward and Lily Allen are the perfect pairing, and proving once and for all that Paula and the cat were right – Opposites Attract.”


Frisky & Mannish: Pop Centre Plus

“Our careers advice service will help you turn all this education into bankable skills at the internationally acclaimed smash-hit almost-sell-out PopCentre Plus. Find out if you’re a Britney or a Bieber, see case studies on Jessie J and Cheryl Cole, and maybe, just maybe, begin your pop career RIGHT NOW in the next big boyband sensation.”

Those who would prefer to download the videos in HD or SD to that brand spangly new device that Santa b(r)ought you can follow this link and donate towards the Kickstarter campaign that funded the creation of these videos.