Snoopadelic Cabaret will run for six shows.

Snoopadelic Cabaret will run for six shows.

International rap star Snoop Lion announced this week plans to open his own cabaret extravaganza in Las Vegas. No, it’s not April Fools though we wouldn’t blame you for checking.

Those looking forward to the Doggfather donning a lounge suit and crooning his way through a stream of Broadway hits should prepare for disappointment. The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg is instead turning the clock back to the Roaring Twenties for inspiration. Whether he will be turning up to the shows in a pimped-out Ford Model T with a coterie of flappers in tow is yet to be seen.

Running over half a dozen nights, his latest venture will run under the snappy moniker of the Snoopadelic Cabaret and in partnership with the TAO Group with the gigs taking place at TAO’s Asian Bistro, Nightclub & Beach.As part of a speakeasy-flavoured show, Snoop Dogg – sorry, DJ Snoopadelic – will be acting as the master of ceremonies, spinning the ones and twos and singing his hits out live. 1920s-themed speciality acts, dance numbers, a special cocktail menu and period costumes will round out this unique experience which promises “discovery moments” (no, us neither). 

Here’s what he had to say to the press. “I’m excited to partner with the TAO team for these special classy events. This summer is going to be epic and I can’t wait to give Vegas that real Snoopadelic Cabaret vibe.”

We bet he can’t. So just how “classy” will these shows be? Probably classier than those occasions in his past when Snoop was arrested for possession of cocaine, possession of a collapsible police baton while trying to board a plane or possession of marijuana and firearms twice in the space of two months. Or that Christmas stopover when Snoop and friends trashed Heathrow Airport. Or even those times that he was variously banned from the UK, Australia and Norway. As one of life’s perpetual misfits, some will see his place in the cabaret community as a natural one.

It all kicks off this Saturday and with the next show planned for 25 May, Snoop promises another four shows throughout the summer. Hold on tight, Vegas, this could be a hell of a ride.