Are the days of classic gameshows truly behind us? Not if peerless compère Miss Behave has anything to say about it.

Miss Behave’s Social Club and Pleasure Aid  is on this Saturday at the London Wonderground.

Miss Behave’s Social Club and Pleasure Aid is on this Saturday at the London Wonderground.

Call it rose-tinted nostalgia but the days of the epic gameshow are long gone. Nowadays its all about the gurning host, the gormless contestants and endless gadgets. Where are the Blankety Blanks, the Bullseyes, the Generation Games of yesteryear where headlong demonstrations of scant ability and sheer luck led to bizarre prizes like a speedboat or a remote-controlled car?

Thankfully, sword-swallowing pocket rocket Miss Behave is back to save us all from more Geordie torture or National Lottery related hijinks. This Saturday, her own variety game show Miss Behave’s Social Club and Pleasure Aid returns to the London Wonderground’s Spiegeltent. And its not all about winning prizes: Men In Coats, The Two Wrongies And Olivia Porter will be on hand to pump the night full of comedy, magic, dance and juggling goodness.

Those who saw its initial outing a few months ago at the same venue have some inkling of what to expect. For the rest, here’s six reasons to get down to the Southbank to see this bonkers slice of brilliance.


1. Do you want to see someone twerk it like a pro? Watch and learn, Miley Cyrus, watch and learn.


2. Had a bad week? Feeling stressed and angry at the travails of modern life? Step right up.


3. Ever had a hidden desire to be cloned and take on your other self in a public drinking contest? This could be your chance.


4. How funny and magical can comedy magicians Men In Coats be? This funny and magical.


5. Dancing comic duo The Two Wrongies had their own strange ideas for the Olympics: window licking, hat wanging and hammer tampon. No, no need to change that prescription.


6. Somewhere at the crossroads of juggling and theatre, you’ll find Lucy Porter doing something like this.


Full information on Miss Behave’s Social Club and Pleasure Aid can be found here.