Dusty Limits

As part of the ToMax Talks series of lectures, three of the best cabaret performers of recent years will be speaking tomorrow night about the fast-growing artform.

Like TED, the talks have so far ranged far and wide. Upcoming guests include the entrepreneur behind online card company Moonpig, a war correspondent, the editor of Vogue and a pair of sculptors.

This week’s event brings together:

  • Kit Hesketh-Harvey (of the now-defunct Kit And The Widow). Kit and The Widow produced two CDs and appeared at the Tim-Minchin hosted Comedy Proms last year before calling it a day.
  • Dusty Limits. The Brisbane-born singer has a three-and-a-half octave vocal range but is more well-known as a compere, a role for which he won a London Cabaret Award in February.
  • Mat Ricardo, the gentleman juggler who also walked away with an award (in this case for Best Speciality Act) was born in North London, started out as a street performer and now performs across the world either on land or, if working on a cruise ship, at sea.

The talk begins at 7:15pm in Hoxton Hall. Tickets are £8 for the under-28s and from £10 for everyone else. More information can be garnered here.

And if you’ve never seen Mat Ricardo in action, here he is with his favourite routine: