There is no doubt that burlesque is an artform and now it is being explored by an even older form of expression.

On May 3, A Brush With Burlesque opens in the East Gallery, Brick Lane. A ideal daytime complement to the upcoming World Burlesque Games, the exhibition will feature a wide range of paintings and artists. Leeds-based cabaret fiends will already have seen Charlotte Thomson’s work on her distinctive posters for local highlight The Wet Spot, while Ella Guru‘s portrait shows Ophelia Bitz as a jungle queen.

Other contributors include artists Kev Grey and Fiona Wilson as well as the exhibition’s co-organiser Mark Bell. Bell and his wife Sarah are no bandwagon-jumping strangers to the cabaret scene. As “Devon’s only dedicated burlesque funsters”, they run monthly event Kinky & Quirky as well as a studio/gallery space called A Kick Up The Arts.

A Brush With Burlesque. East Gallery, Brick Lane, London E1 6SA. 3-13 May,  13:00-19:00.

The event is sponsored by Vivien Of Holloway.