Kitty Bang Bang

Playing With Fire

Stay away from cabaret if you don’t want to draw the heat. From burlesquers and jugglers to magicians and fire-breathers, London’s variety scene is filled with artists packing enough firepower to burn down the house. This Is Cabaret’s photo editor Gui O’Connor survived the crossfire, unscathed and with an array of dazzling images to prove it. Click the images to see what happens when a show gets literally hot.


Kitty Bang Bang


Photo credits: Gui O’Connor, exclusively for This Is Cabaret


An insatiable curious person, Gui O’Connor is a photographer, web developer and bread hacker. He suffers from an obsessive interest about creative minds, and the cabaret scene is one of many London features that help him overindulge it. His name is pronounced “ghee”, by the way.

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