Seriously, if you were a Goblin King and wanted to throw an atmospheric ball for your subjects, where else would you go than the Old Vic Tunnels?

The Goblin King’s Theatre of Troll’s Annual Masquerade Ball (to give it its full title) was a full-on underground affair, a dark Disneyland of twisted delights. This costume party-cum-cabaret night put together by Guerrilla Zoo attracted some of the best-dressed people we’ve seen (see below). Within the cavernous vaults, we discovered walking puppets, 7-foot high axemen and some gruesomely lifelike artwork.

There was no shortage of live entertainment either with circus acts holding court in one tunnel and in another a stage set up for music and theatrics presided over by dark vaudevillian Joe Black. Elsewhere, the Goblin Market offered trinkets, captured humans and a fine line in face painting for those of us too damn pretty to pass convincingly as goblins.

Photo credits: Gui O’Connor

The Goblin King’s Theatre of Troll’s Annual Masquerade Ball. Produced by Guerrilla Zoo. The Old Vic Tunnels, London SE1 7NN. 4 May.