The Meth Lab opens its doors this Thursday with a special guest.

The Meth Lab opens its doors this Thursday with a special guest.

Describing itself as the newest, queerest and fiercest cabaret club night to hit the veins of the London scene, the Meth Lab is straight from the addled brain of top London “drug queen” Meth (hay-kay-hay queerlesque superstar Mr Mistress).

The Lab opens its doors on this Thursday and promises fireworks from the off with a very special guest in the form of American drag idol Raja. By day a talented make-up artist who has applied the slap to the likes of Dita von Teese and Adam Lambert, this creature of the night emerged as the winner in the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The Meth Lab promises to be an intoxicating and highly addictive experience – here’s Meth herself to explain why in five simple steps it may become your party drug of choice.


We Deal in Class A Entertainment

Here at The Meth Lab we have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure that you get the best experience possible. Our dedicated talent team strive to provide you with the hottest performers on the scene and our qualified lab technicians ensure that the bill features a varied and heady cocktail of talents. Our stage will play host to drag queens and drag kings, performance artists and porn stars, singers and strippers with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


All The Cools Kids Are Doing It

Lily Savage has retired and the end of the pier is slowly being reclaimed by the sea. Drag is changing (Sorry about it, #NotSorryAboutIt) and it’s the fresh-faced baby queens who are leading the revolution! What’s more they can all be found tweaking away at The Meth Lab. From the gender-fuck freaks of East London to the high-drag, legendary children of the Fierce Familyyy, these are the sassy and brassy kids y’all just know you wanna be friends with.


Finest Imported Product

We love home-grown entertainment at The Meth Lab but we also love our sickening sisters from across the Atlantic!

We are launching with drag superstar and runway royalty Raja and we don’t plan on stopping there! We’ll be smuggling many more stars of the American drag scene across our borders in the future to ensure you’ll all be gagging on the extravaganza!


Camden Crew’Dem

No reputable brand should be without its fabulous team and fierce location. Housed at the Black Cap in Camden; haunted by memories of the finest in British Drag Herstory and looked over by Her Royal Highness, Regina Fong (a personal shero of Meths). We’re fearlessly led by amazing management, kept suitably lubricated by beautiful bar staff and the night keeps on keeping on with the fabulous DJ Miles at the Black Cap in Camden with a very special guest.

Quite frankly we can think of no better place to set up shop.


This Is The Closest You’ll Ever Get To That Feeling You Got When A New Breaking Bad Episode Aired

We are not above exploiting people’s misery for commercial gain. #YoureWelcome Grab your tickets here before our dealers run out and you have to resort to desperate measures to get your fix. And like us on Facebook or we’ll send our boys round.


The Meth Lab opens for business this Thursday at The Black Cap, London NW1.