Sir Leopold Aleksander appears in both Circus Of Men and Boylexe

Sir Leopold Aleksander appears in both Circus Of Men and Boylexe

Two shows this week – one new and one returning – will be largely women-free zones, at least on stage.

Billed as “the hottest all-male circus in town” (something that the incoming Briefs may have something to say about), new variety show Circus Of Men hits the Hippodrome Casino’s Matcham Room this Thursday.

The show is unashamedly aimed at women. Producer Hannah Welsby told us, “I thought about what women really like, my friends, work colleagues, female clients…I wanted the show to engage the audience emotionally as well as erotically – to enjoy the skill, prowess and aesthetics of the human body. Strength and power, gentleness, emotion – love, passion, dirt, cheekiness and lots of laughs! ” We would hazard a guess that some of Soho’s non-female denizens would also have more than a passing interest in erotic male entertainment, but that’s by the by.

Welsby has identified what she sees as a Christian Grey-shaped hole in the market. “The show centres around office life. Who doesn’t love the look of a well suited man! As far as a fun, sexy night out, a girls night, or a ‘hen’ party’, there was no real multi-layered, interactive show to reflect the taste of most modern city girls in the twenty-first century.” Hosted by Erotic Award winner Ophelia Bitz, performances will include acro-dance, aerial chains, strongman, chinese pole, body-balancing, aerial hoop as well as choreographed dancers.

Meanwhile, the opening of the newly refurbished Shadow Lounge sees the welcome return of Boylexe this Friday for a twice-monthly run. Like The Vagina Monologues with less clothing, its clever concept sees the all-male cast take turns stripping and talking about their lives. In a nutshell, this show brings sex to the city with hot bodies and heartfelt stories tied together into a package replete with lust and laughs.

The cast is killer from fore to aft. The likes of Reuben Kaye, Alp Haydar, Meth and Phil Ingud are already well established on the London scene and they are bolstered by the none-too-shabby Randolph Hott and The Mighty Moustache (with the latter also appearing in Circus Of Men).

Circus Of Men will be at the Hippodrome Casino on Thursday 3 July with future shows to be announced. More information can be found on the official Facebook page.

Boylexe can be seen at The Shadow Lounge twice-monthly starting Friday 4 July. More information can be found on the official website.