Rubyyy Jones (c) Magnus Arrevad

Rubyyy Jones (c) Magnus Arrevad

Since its inception, Burlexe has been a breath of fresh air in the world of burlesque.

The show’s concept is unique and intriguing: rather than being a pure showcase of stripper talent, the audience are treated to spoken word segments describing the history of burlesque alongside live performances. Walking the boards are an array of superstar showgirls including the award-winning Kiki Kaboom and Luna Rosa plus more mainstream faces like Javine Hylton.

Since the word go, Rubyyy Jones has been part of Burlexe: she was in the crowd at the very first show and she’s since worked her way into the cast. She’s burlesqued a couple of times at the shows and now even has her very own monologue, which she performed this time last year.

Described by producer Howard Wilmot as “an antidote to the size zero bullshit that the media likes to believe all women aspire to”, these photos portray the effervescent Jones in a classic style with a pop or two of the “now”.

Burlexe returns with weekly shows from 27 March. More information can be garnered on the official website.

Photo credit: Magnus Arrevad