Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions of use for This Is Cabaret (TIC henceforth). Use of the content and services provided by TIC constitutes confirmation that you understand and accept the following terms and conditions.


Scope, Extent and Validity

These terms and conditions apply to all content and services provided by TIC (or third-parties authorised to do so on its behalf) through its website (http://www.thisiscabaret.com) and related social media Internet pages including, but not limited to, its Facebook Internet page (http://www.facebook.com/thisiscabaret), Twitter Internet page (http://twitter.com/thisiscabaret) and Flickr Internet page (http://www.flickr.com/thisiscabaret). TIC does not accept any responsibility for content or services provided by third parties in external sources (e.g., content from websites unaffiliated with TIC, accessible through hyperlinks placed within TIC content).

The information on this page constitutes the sum total of terms and conditions of use for TIC content and services, and may be altered at any time without previous notification. Likewise, all operations and services provided by TIC may be altered or discontinued at any time, including, but not limited to, the publication of journalistic content and all services of a commercial nature, without previous notification.


Copyright, Fair Use and Liability

TIC always marks institutional content as such (e.g., by signing articles as “This Is Cabaret” or publishing social media content via its appropriate user accounts). All other content published by TIC remains under the copyright of its author(s). The opinions and claims contained in non-institutional content do not necessarily represent those of TIC, its editors or other contributors, and remain the sole responsibility of its author(s) for all legal purposes. TIC reserves the right to publish, re-publish or remove content submitted by third-parties at any time, for journalistic, commercial, promotional or any purposes, without previous notification, and to abridge or edit said content in any way it deems appropriate.

By submitting material for publication by TIC, users and contributors certify that they own the copyright to said material or are otherwise legally authorised to publish it. Published material found to violate copyright legislation may be removed at any time, without previous notification.

Original content published by TIC may not be reproduced by any third parties other than their legal copyright holders without written authorisation from TIC, its editors or other third parties authorised to do so on its behalf. The only exceptions are short excerpts (under one paragraph) used for publicity, journalistic or academic purposes, as long as they are re-published with due credit to TIC, regardless of the medium of re-publication (including, but not limited to, other Internet pages, mobile phone applications, visual or audio broadcasts and all printed matter of a journalistic, academic or commercial nature). Unauthorised reproduction of TIC content may result in legal action from TIC or its representatives to the full extent of the appropriate legislation.

TIC may reproduce content from third parties (e.g., verbal or visual promotional content from artists’ Internet pages) for journalistic purposes – for instance, in critical reviews or articles where an artist or their work is mentioned. TIC strives to credit due authorship of all such content, whenever factually or technically feasible, and assumes that the third parties responsible for publishing said content hold the copyright to it, or are otherwise legally authorised to publish it.

Where authorship cannot be ascertained, TIC may credit said content with regard to its source (e.g., “courtesy of the performers”, “courtesy of the producers”, etc). Should authorship be ascertained after the publication of said content, TIC will strive to alter its credit as appropriate, whenever reasonably and technically feasible. Material found to come from sources that have published it in breach of copyright legislation will be removed at the request of its legal copyright holders, whenever reasonably and technically feasible.


Content Published by Third Parties in Public Forums Operated by TIC

TIC operates spaces for public discussion among readers, for the purposes of debate arising from TIC content, including, but not limited to, the “Leave a Reply” area provided with certain articles on its website and similar resources in its social media Internet pages. TIC assumes that all users of those spaces own the copyright to, or are otherwise legally authorised to publish, all content that they submit. Submitted content found to violate copyright legislation may be blocked or removed by TIC at any time, without previous notification.

As with all other content, material not marked explicitly as such does not come from TIC and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or claims of TIC, its editors or other contributors, and is the sole responsibility of their authors. All terms and conditions listed above with regard to other types of content also apply to content submitted for publication in TIC’s public forums.

TIC operates said forums for the purposes of debate and free exchange of opinion, and as such avoids editing, suppressing or otherwise interfering with content submitted by third parties for publication therein. However, TIC reserves the right to block or remove content from said forums at any time, partially or entirely, for any reasons, including, but not limited to, occasions when content is found to:

  • Be primarily motivated by the promotion of a company, brand, product or service
  • Earnestly promote prejudice or incite violence against ethnic, religious, cultural or social groups
  • Consist primarily of personal or otherwise unrelated topics that do not concern the scope of the relevant article or the immediate debate arising from it
  • Commit identity fraud by impersonating or attempting to impersonate other individuals

Where applicable, TIC reserves the right to alter or revoke user privileges, block users or terminate user accounts whenever a user is found to repeatedly violate the guidelines above.


Privacy Policy

TIC may collect information from its users and contributors including, but not limited to, names and e-mail addresses, for purposes such as the submission of electronic newsletters or commercial offers from third parties. TIC does not store any personal information that is not voluntarily given, and will not disclose or share said information with any third parties, for commercial or any other purposes, unless expressly authorised by users to do so at the moment said information is collected, or when compelled by legal authorities to do so.


Cookie Usage

“Cookies” are small portions of data stored on Internet users’ computers for statistics and other information purposes. They may be temporary (such as session ID cookies) or not (called “persistent cookies”). TIC uses cookies to automate a number of features in its website, and may adopt fewer or additional cookies to do so without previous notice.

As explained in “Privacy Policy” above, TIC will not disclose or use information stored in cookies for commercial purposes unless expressly authorised by a user to do so, or when compelled by legal authorities to do so.

TIC uses third-party cookies for purposes of social media integration (e.g., Facebook and Twitter buttons), which are irrelevant for users who do not use those websites. Likewise, TIC uses cookies from Google Analytics to monitor traffic statistics. TIC does not control how those third parties use information stored in those cookies. Their respective privacy policies can be found in the following websites:

Google Analytics: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/about/privacy

Twitter: http://twitter.com/privacy


Third-Party Advertising

TIC may carry advertising material on spaces including, but not limited to, its website, social media Internet pages and electronic newsletters. Said material may be published in many forms, including, but not limited to, Internet banner ads, verbal copy, discount or deal partnerships and sponsored articles. All commercial material is clearly marked as such.

By submitting advertising material to This Is Cabaret (“TIC”), advertisers and deal partners confirm that they hold the rights to use all text, images and music contained in them without infringing any third parties’ copyright or other relevant laws. Advertisers and deal partners agree that any penalties arising from copyright or licensing infringements are solely their responsibility, with no onus to TIC.

TIC reserves the right not to publish material that it considers inappropriate for its scope or readership on any grounds.

The prices, promotional offers and other services offered by TIC may be altered or discontinued at any time without notice. Should said discontinuation or alteration prevent TIC from fulfilling any or all of its responsibilities in a previous arrangement, an equivalent service may be offered in lieu of compensation.

TIC reserves the right to re-publish and re-use material submitted by third parties for other purposes including, but not limited to, TIC content and TIC’s own promotional material (whether published by TIC or via other third parties, digitally, in print or in other media), without notice.

TIC reserves the right to interrupt or suspend publication of any material found to break these terms and conditions, without refunds.

Any arrangements not covered by these terms and conditions must be negotiated directly with TIC, in writing (e-mail, fax or written correspondence), in order to be valid.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by UK law. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of UK courts in all disputes or other legal matters arising from the operations and services provided by TIC.

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless TIC, its editors, contributors, users, advertisers, deal partners and other third parties, as well as their parents, subsidiaries, affiliates and employees, from any and all claims, liabilities, expenses and costs, including, but not limited to, attorneys’ expenses and fees, arising out of a breach by you of these terms and conditions.

TIC reserves the right to enforce any of these terms and conditions at its own discretion, at any time it is legally entitled to do so. Failure or delay on TIC’s part to do so does not imply a waiver of any of the provisions above or the rights of TIC or its editors.



All enquiries pertaining to TIC, its content, usage, services and terms and conditions of use must be made by e-mail, via the official TIC address (info@thisiscabaret.com) or other addresses or means of communication agreed to subsequently in the course of communication.