Want to see pawn-pushing pugilists punish each other in the ring and around the chessboard? This Saturday, the Scala will host the next round of chessboxing, a competition which requires both brawn and brains in which to succeed.

Pawn-pushing pugilists will put their brawn and brains to the test at this Saturday's Chessboxing tournament.

Pawn-pushing pugilists will put their brawn and brains to the test at this Saturday’s Chessboxing tournament.

Four heavyweight contestants will battle it out to be the evening’s “PrizeFightKnight” with two Italians taking on competitors from London and Devon. Sergio “The Phoenix” Leveque will be bringing his 6’4” frame to bear on the Kasparov of the capital, Andy “The Rock” Costello while mixed martial artist, cage fighter and research scientist Ben Reid grapples with European Heavyweight Champion Gianluca “Il Dottore” Sirci.

A particular highlight will be the inaugural UK Women’s Flyweight Title bout between Manchester’s Beth Cordingley and Ruthie “Pink Machine” Wright from Exeter. Both women are coached by international masters so there should be fireworks both in and out of the ring.

The first Chessboxing event in March was a sell-out and before the event next month — at the Royal Albert Hall, no less — This Is Cabaret readers have the chance to win a pair of tickets to this weekend’s contest. While chessboxing decides its winners by checkmate or knockout, we take a rather more genteel approach.

There are three ways you can take part in this competition:

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● Become our fan on Facebook and share our competition image (if you don’t become a fan we have no way of identifying you).
● E-mail win@thisiscabaret.com with the subject line CHESSBOXING

Winners of our lucky draw get two tickets for this Saturday, September 29th.

The competition’s deadline is 3 PM on Thursday, September 27th. The winner will be announced at 6 PM of the same day.


See the Chessboxing trailer video at DailyMotion for more details.


Photo credits: The Chessboxing Organisation