The next few days sees two very different shows streamed live from the internet.

Lucky Franco will be online next Tuesday.

Lucky Franco will be online next Tuesday.

Ever wondered what the future of cabaret may be like? Two events this week give us a peek into how shows could soon be coming to a laptop, tablet or phone near you. Why entertain a few hundred punters in Soho when you could be reaching out to millions from Sydney to Surrey?

Tonight, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer will be performing at Brighton’s Prince Albert to be broadcast live on The Thursday Night Show. There’s no cost beyond that of having an internet connection and the fun goes out a civilised hour, namely 7pm-12am UK time. As well as featuring Mr B., there will be music in the form of a band or a live DJ mix while photography and other artworks are displayed on screen.

The show has a open policy when it comes to what is allowed, the only restrictions being that there should be no advertising and performers should stay clear of politics and race. “Think of going to an art show, gig or club night rather than a rally” is their eminently reasonable position. Those interested in the technical details, international timings and how to appear in future shows can find more information here.

Next Monday’s proposition is a very different affair. As part of her university studies, contortionist Lucky Franco is putting together an interactive online treat.

On 25 March at 3pm, she will be starring in a 5 minute video live from her university. The performance will be streamed at The twist here? She has opened up an online poll letting the audience define much of what they see.

Until Sunday, the public can have their say on matters such as what make-up and costume she’ll wear, the location of the shoot and the music, props and backdrop she’ll perform with. Votes can be placed here.

This Is Cabaret strongly believes that cabaret acts should make more use of the internet, for example through live-streaming or social media. Let us know if you hear of any other ways that performers are appearing online.

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