Burlesque has had many formats, varieties, style and performers. It has become synonymous with girls, as well as guys, being able to flaunt what they like, however they like. Admittedly, some do it better than others (and they are the ones who usually end up on stage) but with the rise of burlesque classes and hen parties more and more people are embracing the artform, not only a way to express themselves and have fun, but as a way to keep fit.

Members of the famous troupe Folly Mixtures and qualified fitness instructors Ooh La Lou and Ella Boo have combined their knowledge of keep fit and burlesque to create a truly unique exercise experience which they call Burlexercise. They describe it as a medium to high intensity fitness class designed specifically for an all over body workout. The classes take you on a physical journey, burning calories and toning and tightening whilst incorporating token showgirl elements.

So, to find out if we could last until the end of a class we asked the girls to give us ten top tips for a burlesque-fit body.

Ella Ooh La L

1. Scrap all fad diets. They don’t work! Professionals estimate that 95% fail. If you fancy some chocolate then have some chocolate! It is fine to treat yourself in moderation.
2. Stay away from the scales. Go by how you look and feel in your favourite dress. If you love your body, others will too.
3. Swap white for brown when it comes to bread, rice and pasta. It’s better for you and will make sure you can close that corset.
4. Stay hydrated. Experts say women should be drinking about 1.6 litres per day. (We also highly recommend a cheeky bubbly wine – a girl’s got to relax!)
5. Everyone is individual. Some have luscious curves, others are long and lean. Aim to make the best of your body type instead of trying to achieve someone else’s.
6. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Join a fun class like ours, meet new people and work out with friends.
7. For a delicious derrière, get squatting! Yes they hurt, but it will get you the perfect bum shimmy!
8. Calf raises will help you get some fabulous definition. Try them when wearing your highest heels.
9. How useful is an arm workout? Anyone who has ever lifted a burlesque dancer’s suitcase will know the answer to this one…
10. Join us at Burlexercise! Classes start Monday 2nd June.


Ooh La Lou and Ella Boo show us how to do it – in a feather boa, of course.

Find out more at www.burlexercise.co.uk

Image Credits: Steve Hart at Dress Me Up and Shoot Me.