Alt-drag terrorist Scottee and burlesque star Sophia St Villiers combine to brilliant effect in indie stars Franz Ferdinand’s latest video.

Sophia St Villier and Scottee in the video for Franz Ferdinand's Love illumination
Sophia St Villier and Scottee in the video for Franz Ferdinand’s Love illumination

Described by the band as “absurdist horror pantomime choreography cross-dress frog-head bosom sparkle guillotine phew worra scorcha”, the video for Franz Ferdinand’s latest slab of guitar-laden pop Love Illumination has two familiar faces spicing up their Lynchian nightmare.

Scottee is the plus-size performance artist behind the recently-demised Eat Your Own Heart Out collective and the annual Hamburger Queen contest. The month-long alternative beauty pageant for chubsters, previously known as Burger Queen, is a highlight of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern calendar and regularly attracts celebrity judges.

Burlesque dancer and model Sophia St Villier also has her own show. Blackest Noir at Volupte is a playful blend of detective story and striptease featuring Abi Collins and guest performers. Those of a more literary bent may be interested in Naked Girls Reading, an event she produces and performs in.

We spoke to St Villier about her role in the veteran rockers’ video. “This was the first time Scottee and I have worked together,” she said. “He is so sweet and kind – I hope it’s not the last! And Scottee is a very capable shover! That sounds filthy but please see the video to understand what I mean.”

“My parents know who Franz Ferdinand are. I think Scottee said it best in his tweet to the band ‘My Mum finally thinks I have a career. Thank you boys. x’. My parents now have something to show people in small town New Zealand who ask “What exactly is this burlesque thing Sophia is doing in London?”

See below for how director Timothy Saccenti made use of these two very different artists.