Derek Daniels, 1970s superstar and game show host.

Derek Daniels, 1970s superstar and game show host.

The Seventies are back in the spotlight this year. Liza Minnelli will be performing songs from 1972’s Cabaret at the Southbank, the next X-Men film will be set in that decade and next week light entertainment messiah Derek Daniels (aka Boogaloo Stu) brings his “sexperimental-theatre-cum-big-money-gameshow” Crimplene Millionaire to the Ovalhouse.

He will be tripping through the 1970s with the aid of a giant interactive boardgame and revealing, turn by turn, just what made the decade that fashion forgot special. Expect music, politics and some personal stories. While on an Angel Delight comedown, Derek laid out for us his Seventies highlights.

1. Tom Jones’ She’s A Lady

What a tune. What incredible dance moves. Those high waisted trousers and ruffled shirts! I mean WOW.
2. Fondue

I can’t get enough cheese, and when I’m in the mood (which is often) there’s nothing quite like dipping your baguette into a hot pot of oozing cheese.
3. Man-made fibres

Terylene, polyester, nylon, you name it – I love it. Keep those natural fibres away from me! I love the cling of crimplene on the skin, it’s almost a fetish. I love to roll around in my nylon pyjamas on my nylon sheets and watch the sparks fly. It’s like doing DIY ECT.
4. The Moog synthesizer

I do love a good orchestra, but really, I’m all about the future. Popcorn’s Hot Butter is an absolute Moog classic.
5. Mateus Rosé wine

Delicious. I try not to drink too much of it, as I sometimes wet the bed. Luckily the nylon sheets drip-dry very quickly.
6. Butterscotch Angel Delight

Sometimes for a treat I’ll soak some raisins in brandy and scatter them on top. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere – what a perfect dessert.
7. Space Dust

Have you ever put it up your bum just to see how it feels?
8. Macramé

In my spare time, I’ve been making a series of inter-connecting plant pot holders using macramé techniques.
9. Tinned mince

It’s just so convenient!*
10. Orgasm Alley

That little street between Brewer Street and Berwick Street in Soho. There’s a lot of lovely little boutiques along there selling all kinds of books, magazines and videos that I find very interesting.
*May contain traces of horse.


You can see Derek Daniels’ Crimplene Millionaire at the Ovalhouse from 5-9 Feb. Shows start at 8:00pm and tickets are £10 (£6 concessions). Flares optional.

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