Audience falls in all fours for Laurie Hagen, literally

Cabaret must be the last true refuge for freedom of expression and spontaneity in a world obsessed with political correctness, health, safety and all those topics that were little more than nonsense mere decades ago.

Of course that means it’s also the right space for performers to harass and abuse their public to their heart’s content. Nobody is free from it: they will abuse paying punters as much as the media. They will rub on you, lick you, steal your booze and drink it on your own shoe. They would even sit on the lap of our very own editor-in-chief.

More amazingly, you may witness that after a whole night of abusing the public, a member of the audience may want to give Holly Penfield a heartfelt hug. Kids, don’t try this at home unless you’re absolutely adorable.