Sukki Singapora has packed her bags and both her and Aurora Galore have jetted off to California for the start of their World Burlesque Tour. With tips and videos from their shows so far, here is the first of their special postcards for This Is Cabaret.

Stars of the UK scene, Sukki Singapora and Aurora Galore are wowing West Coast America.

Stars of the UK scene, Sukki Singapora and Aurora Galore are wowing West Coast America.

Greetings from California!

And what a whirlwind experience it has been so far!

Our first show was Little Minsky’s, a tribute to the infamous Minsky’s Burlesque shows. It was equally as obscene and daring, largely attributable to Galore’s floor humping and Sukki’s giant mane. But the show itself had an amazing atmosphere and a wide variety of performers, a common set up in Californian Shows.
Another prestigious show we performed at was BOOTIE at the famous Hubba Hubba Revue. The show which blended musical mashups from world-class DJs with an international burlesque show had an audience of nearly 1,500 who wereboth ravenous and inviting. It was an amazing experience to be able to perform in a show of such high calibre.

Want to see what Aurora looked like at BOOTIE?


Next stop was Red Hots Burlesque: a “Pink Bubble,” “Queer Friendly” hot-cracker of a show with an intimate and excitable audience. This show is not one for the faint-hearted: on memorable highlight was the Arse Horn routine by Dottie Lux.  Need we say more? It is also one of the only shows in the area which permits “merkins” – so if you’re planning to perform in the US: always ask!
That same night we travelled to the giant theatre production Cabaret Perilous, another show produced by Hubba Hubba Revue. As the two final acts we made sure the show ended with a bang.

Check out the video from Cabaret Perilous of Sukki:

So what can we say about this US leg of our World Tour so far? Incredible, exceptional, welcoming talent and definitely a thriving buzzing scene here in California.

Stay tuned from our next postcard from the World Burlesque Tour 2013!

Sukki and Aurora

Sukki Singapora and Aurora Galore will be back at BOOTIE this Saturday. More information here.