3 Serpent Circus co-producers Markabre Charade and Aurora Galore

3 Serpent Circus co-producers Mark Charade and Aurora Galore

Last month saw the launch of new night 3 Serpent Circus in Brick Lane’s Vibe Bar. This dark gem of a show is the creation of Galorious Charade, a collaboration between burlesquer Aurora Galore and Roustabouts DJ Mark Charade.

The main stage saw a top drawer collection of some of the best alternative performers around including juggler Florian Brooks, sideshow artiste Lydia Darling, hula hooper Storm Hooper and avant garde fetish diva Marnie Scarlet ,all overseen by the filthier-than-thou Ophelia Bitz. Rounding out the experience, clown Dott Cotton helped out with the raffle and bearded lady Rubyyy Jones was on hand to peer into the future through her tarot cards.

For news of  where the 3 Serpent Circus strikes next, watch this space.