It’s all well and good reading all those circus reviews (especially those written by people more familiar with comedy, theatre or anything apart from, you know, circus) but sometimes the only real way to explain what a show is about is through the medium of photography.

Without a doubt, the biggest circus show to hit London this summer will be Limbo. The hit headliner of the 2013 London Wonderground programme, this magnificent blend of music, illusion and eye-opening big-top action returns to the South Bank venue for another run from May to August. Limbo does not officially open until this Thursday but, before then, cast an eye over these exclusive pictures and start savouring what is to come.

These picture were taken exclusively for This Is Cabaret and remain copyright of PUMP Photography and Lisa Thomson as marked. Please do not use these pictures for commercial purposes without their permission. 

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Limbo opens this Thursday and runs through until 17 August. Ticket availability and venue information on Limbo can be found on the official London Wonderground website.