Regardless of what time you wake up throughout Edinburgh Fringe, breakfast is still your most important meal of the day. You need energy to perform, or as a fabulous arts purveyor, walk those steep cobbled stoned streets to see the shows and sights that Edinburgh has to offer. Food is the fuel that keeps you going, but sometimes our late night food choices end up as cold, unsavoury left-overs. But fear not the cold, fried cut potato! The queen of cuisine, JoJo Bellini shares with us her secret to turning last night’s chippy purchase into a world-class hash!

Dear reader, don’t get me wrong, healthy food is a must during Fringe. That is why during my lunch-time show there is a delicious leek and broccoli soup cooked live on stage for the audience to enjoy (with Welsh cakes for dessert). It will put a smile on your face, satiate your belly and have you jazz-handing your way around Edinburgh for the rest of the Fringe.

As my show is on early in the afternoon, it is important I get a good sized breakfast in first thing. However, after enjoying a Prosecco or two (bottles), or more with friends, somehow a trip to the chippie has resulted with awaking, clutching the remainder of the bag in the morning. Praising my good choices, I take that unlikely bedfellow into the kitchen and turn it into a delicious morning hash that will not only relieve the after effects of last night’s revelry, but also see me right for the shows I am about to do and see that day.

First things first: coffee. Ah, that’s better. Right, now to the most important meal of the day. Put some chopped onion, garlic and chorizo, into a hot frying pan. I love the smell of chorizo in the morning, it smells like fabulousness!

As that is frying, roughly chop last night’s chips and throw into a bowl. There is no place for waste at a festival, including last night’s chips! Add fresh chopped basil, salt and pepper to taste and stir through the chopped chips. Once stirred through add a beaten egg or two and mix thoroughly.

Wait I’m missing something!

Ah, yes, that would be coffee number two. I feel like a song coming on as I add the chip mix to the delicious smells coming from the pan. Time for some Tom Jones of course!

Singing is good for the soul. It releases endorphins and if you like Tom Jones there is always a song to get you dancing in the kitchen and you just cannot wipe the smile off your face as your delicious cooked hash is served onto the plate with a side of avocado and fresh lemon. Never cook angry! It will taste terrible!


JoJo Bellini’s Chippie Hash


Half a container of last night’s chippies, roughly chopped

Half a Chorizo, roughly Chopped

Half an onion, hopped

1-2 eggs, beaten

Garlic (quantity depending on your taste – I like a lot), crushed

Basil, chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

Avocado, as a side

Fresh lemon, to squeeze onto the hash.

Top tip: If you are looking for a more Scottish flavour to your mornings hash, why not substitute the chorizo for two chopped slices of Lorne sausage and add a bit of whiskey mustard to your mix?

Jojo Bellini’s Kitchen Cabaret can be found at The Stand Comedy Club 2 until 28 Aug, 1.20 pm, £5-8.