If you only sharpen one sense for White Mischief events, make sure it’s your sight. Update your spectacle prescription, don those contact lenses or just open those eyes wide because there’s no stinting on the spectacular either on stage or amongst the beautifully-adorned guests.

We’ve been attending White Mischief’s steampunk-with-a-side-of-cabaret extravaganzas for a couple of years and have never been disappointed by the variety and quality of the costumes; waiting in the queue for our first event, we found ourselves between a six-foot-plus man in a pink PVC nurse’s outfit and what looked like two Chilean miners with hi-viz jackets and skull masks.

Last Saturday’s Royal Jubilee Gala, was filled with the usual unusualness as compere Mat Fraser fronted a bill including burlesquers Mysti Vine and Anna The Hulagan, magicians Morgan and West, aerialist (and TIC writer) Jackie Le and the groin-grinding Keda Breeze.

Where's Wally: The Steampunk Edition


See www.whitemischief.info for upcoming dates and parties from White Mischief.


Photo credits: Lisa Thomson