Halloween and White Mischief go together like a horse and carriage.

There are few events through the year with an impressive bill onstage yet, as the pictures below show, just as much to admire offstage. White Mischief’s Phantasmagoria once again gathered together the steampunk fraternity (plus one lucky competition winner) and some of the best homemade costumes anywhere in London. They were presented, as ever, with an excellent and eclectic entertainment bill.

Dorian Black oversaw a line-up including gentleman juggler Mat Ricardo, “mummified” hoopster Emily-Rose and burlesque duo Cherry and Ruby adorned in magnificent Day Of The Dead facemasks. Acrobalancer Andre Felipe Reyes and Chinese pole performer Conor O’Neal provided dazzling displays of strength and skill.

Another highlight was Rubyyy Jones‘s bukkake burlesque number which finishes with her popping a multitude of black balloons festooned to her body. The balloons – which contain a mixture of icing sugar and water and take an hour to prepare and attach – shot their loads across the front of the audience with one unlucky male audience member getting an eyeful – something some ladies around him may have considered to be karmic justice.

See White Mischief’s official site for upcoming events and other details.

Photo credits: Lisa Thomson, exclusively for This Is Cabaret