Craig The Incredible Hula Boy at the Cirque du Cabaret

Craig The Incredible Hula Boy at the Cirque du Cabaret

This year, Cirque du Cabaret celebrates its tenth anniversary. Producer Sara Colohan’s show has much to recommend it and the open secret to its longevity is a simple one: a revolving variety bill of talented acts covering music, burlesque and circus with the emphasis heavily on the latter. Colohan also throws in a raffle for good measure allowing punters to win items like tickets to future shows or burlesque lessons.

The show this weekend was a veritable cornucopia of talents. The singing swing quintet of Elle And The Pocket Belles covered tracks as diverse as Glenn Miller’s Chattanooga Choo Choo and The Dandy Warhols’ Bohemian Like You with a couple of original numbers thrown in. Slinky Sparkles provided some showgirl glamour with her trademark burlesque routine while host Dusty Limits held the show together with his typical repartee and the occasional flash of his tonsils on Durwood Douché’s 1970s classic Everyone’s Fucking (But Me).

The evening reached a crescendo with three terrific circus turns. Hand-balancer Felipe Reyes‘ dazzlingly dextrous act saw him ascend higher and higher into the London Wonderground’s big top using only his phenomenal upper strength to support himself. Missy Fatale set the night alight with a technically polished display of fire-breathing ending with the performer being doused in water then glitter to create a memorable spectacle. The final star, the award-winning Craig The Incredible Hula Boy, is truly the Ronseal of cabaret; his hoopwork created a mesmerising montage which worked at a physical as well as a visual level.

Cirque du Cabaret returns to the London Wonderground for three more shows on 19 July, 20 September and 28 September. More information can be found here.

Photo credit: Brian Harris