Whatever the weather throws at us this month, there’s something circusy out there to see us through.

Shall we start with the inevitable? Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  This year, producing powerhouse Underbelly has cottoned on to the major draw of circus, and have set up their own Hub of two geodesic dome tents (Lafayette and Beauty – named for the world famous magician and his darling doggy who died in Edinburgh just over a century ago), housing 12 shows, mornings full of workshops, and probably a whole lot of other impromptu shenanigans alongside.

Also popping up in Edinburgh this year is the Big Sexy Circus City, which boasts two slightly more conventional looking big tops and hosts their own cabarets and full length shows, as well as bars, street food, free fireshows and a dedicated buskers area.

When you type ‘circus’ into the Fringe website search engine, there are 60 separate listings.  If you’re heading that way, you won’t be in short supply.

Back in London, things go a little quieter, provoking even more excitement for Briefs and Nocturne at London Wonderground than their frankly drool-inducing sexiness usually generates. In addition to their usual show, the Briefs team have also brought over the club nights that started their whole adventure, running every other Saturday from 15 Aug till the end of September.

For more nights out, why not try Cirque Le Soir near Carnaby Street, where every event is circus themed.

NoFit State are bringing their performance caravans to the streets at Stratford Circus and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with Open House from 7-9th for free immersive entertainment (and they’re hitting the Black Country and Leicester this month if you’re Midlands-bound).

Jackson’s Lane can also be counted on as normal. Despite running the second annual Total Theatre Award for Circus up at the Fringe, and touring their own production of Lost in Translation‘s The Hogwallops, they also have their annual circus residency programme Transmissions starting this month.  French Compagnie Animotion perform on 7th, and Swedish surrealists Svalbard are up on the 21st, with more to follow in September.  On the 29th, Jackson’s Lane is also home to the cabaret for Gravity’s first ever aerial convention, which runs from 27-30th.

And if you’re off gallivanting about the countryside on a staycation, don’t forget to check out where else you might see a big top popping up near you.  Do let us know what you find!