Smack those lips: Ms D’Lish is coming to the UK for re-scheduled workshops and new shows in London and Bradford. See below for a trailer and the full cast for her London show.

Catherine D'Lish

Catherine D’Lish

Until last week, Catherine D’Lish was scheduled to appear in a number of workshops as part of her headline role at this year’s London Burlesque Festival. That arrangement abruptly ended with an extraordinary break-up played out over Facebook.

After online statements were made by both D’Lish and LBF impresario Chaz Royal, the latter’s co-producer and fiancée Betty D’Light waded in. She accused D’Lish’s manager directly saying that he had “manipulated, lied and breeched (sic) the agreement” and ended on a less-than-D’Lightful parting shot of “we’re not here to give you a boost and be shit on in the process.” Both Royal and D’Light have since deleted their comments and have made no further comment (though we did wonder if this was related).

Quite how Royal would “give a boost” to an artist who is, in his own words, “the most influential stripping entertainer performing today” is unknown. What is definite, though, is that the renowned dancer and costumier will be heading to the UK this week for a number of rescheduled workshops and previously unannounced shows.

In what may be a coincidental twist, these events are being sponsored by Secrets In Lace. the same lingerie firm who were long-term sponsors and part of the judging panels at Royal’s London festivals until 2012. This year, LBF is running without a sponsor while SIL puts its money into D’Lish’s rival efforts. LBF’s attempt to raise money online saw it attract only 21 donations and achieve less than half of its stated target of £1,000.

D’Lish’s four London workshops will take place at North London’s Urdang Academy over the weekend of 18-19 May. Each will be 90 minutes long and will cover different areas. Attendees can work with the American star on honing a routine or consult her on choreography. She will also be discussing her  techniques for rhinestoning, feathering, and constructing costumes.  The sessions will run at 12:00pm – 1:30pm and 1:30pm – 3:00pm on Saturday 18 May and  1:30pm – 3:00pm or 3:00pm – 4:30pm on Sunday 19 May. More information on the venue can be found here and more details of the workshops can be found on D’Lish’s Facebook page.

D’Lish will also be appearing in two special shows. The first, on Friday 17 May, will be in Bradford as part of the Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival. The show will include her first champagne glass performance in the UK since 2010 and is set to feature (amongst other) Heidi Bang Tidy, Havana Hurricane and Snappy O’Shea plus a number of special guests.

The next night (Saturday 18 May), her fans can see her in London at the Hippodrome Casino’s Matcham Room. D’Lish will be joined on stage by singers Jon Lee (currently appearing as Frankie Valli in The Jersey Boys) and Nicola Emmanuelle and burlesquers Betsy Rose and Vicky Butterfly.

The show starts at 11:30pm with tickets available from £15-£30. See below for a taster of what to expect.

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Photo credit: Kaylin Idora