“Be a decent human being, before I stop being one and and write something you’ll regret.” Too late.

As club/restaurant combo House of Wolf learned on Friday, apparently failing to pay one of your employees is not a good idea. Especially when they have the keys to the company website and social media accounts.

The venue has seen a number of cabaret shows over the last few years. DJ duo The Roustabouts held their Burning Beat there from the venue’s opening in 2012 through to early 2013 and this month, the joint hosted the inaugural Uncaged event in aid of MIND.

Between 1am last Friday and 2pm that day, one unnamed member of House of Wolf’s staff took to the web to air their grievances. As the evidence suggests, the presumably now ex-employee’s gripe seemed to be over payment. Rather than vent on their own Twitter or Facebook, the venue’s own social media accounts and website were used as a handy billboard. The protests went far beyond pay and the indignation spread over into allegations about the House of Wolf and the practices there, a comment to a customer who had lost an item and messages to the venue’s commercial clients.

House of Wolf changed hands last Monday with Gresham Inns taking over. Speaking to, their operations director said, “this is to do with the previous owners, not us. Everything has been sorted out now.”

The website and twitter account have now been cleaned up.




Uncaged returns to the venue on 17 September for What a Great War! on Wednesday 17th September. More information can be found here.

Hat-tip to Janan Jedrzejewski