Bourgeois & Maurice have joined forces with Sink The Pink's Glyn Famous and Amy Zing for Santamental this Friday.

Bourgeois & Maurice have joined forces with Sink The Pink’s Glyn Famous and Amy Zing for Santamental this Friday.

Bourgeois & Maurice have been around so long we suspect they’re the reason that Queen Victoria wasn’t amused but these deviant siblings are still at the cutting edge of cabaret in 2013.

The cunningly titled third album has not left our music device of choice since we first heard it back in March and their legendary live shows were seen this year at venues as diverse as the ICA, the Hackney Picturehouse’s Attic and the Soho Theatre.

This Friday, you can catch them at Santamental, Bourgeois & Maurice and Sink The Pink’s Christmas party at Lime Wharf in Hackney.

Before then, recline into that overstuffed armchair, pour yourself a large port and get merry on Bourgeois & Maurice’s festive thoughts.


Christmas was first introduced to British society in the late 1960s by a woman who cannot be named for legal reasons. Like a fungal infection left untreated, this joyful celebration of bribery and angst has grown from humble roots to become one of the most endured and inevitable annual events in the social calendar. Here we list our favourite ways to celebrate the festive season, in bullet point form because the internet’s a busy place and we can tell we’re already losing you to Amazon.


Like most people, we loathe the human race. Celebrate this one thing we all have in common by going out every night in December and getting obliterated on Marks and Spencer’s festive range of Penny Pigface Glitter And Sparkle Magic Amphetamines.



“Mulled Wine” is French for “disgusting”. This winter-time favourite is packed with old bits of fruit, sticks of wood and genuine actual dust, so you can drink it ‘til you puke and no one will blame that poor old scapegoat, Mr Alcohol.



Christmas is a time for giving. Show loved ones how much you adore yourself by buying absolutely everything Google Ads flashes into your sight. (NB: skip this bit if you’re poor or a hippy or whatever. Actually you should just skip Christmas, this isn’t for you. Go hang out ’til January when the fun’ll be over; you can do the cleaning up).



With all the worries of the world brushed under the tree, Christmas is a time to refresh the soul, relax the sphincter and escape from reality. We’ve teamed up with disgusting hedonists Sink The Pink to offer all this and more at our Christmas show and party Santamental on Friday 20th December at Lime Wharf in Hackney. £15 you get a spectacular show, party ‘til 4am and the chance to get felt up by a transvestite elf.

Merry Christmas everybody (if that’s even your real name).

You want more? Check out Bourgeois & Maurice’s new song and video.

Santamental takes place this Friday at Lime Wharf, Vyner Street E2 9DJ. Advance tickets are £15 from Last minute Larries can buy them on the door for £18. Said door will swing open at 7pm, the show kicks off at 9pm and the party goes from 11pm – 4am.