This month, burlesque impresario Chaz Royal celebrates a decade of decadent productions with a special show at Bush Hall.

Royal is a man on a roll. In May, his World Burlesque Games (a cheekily rebranded version of his London Burlesque Week event) brought together many international performers alongside homegrown talent, over seven nights of action. August saw his debut production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Next year, he plans to expand London Burlesque Week into a ten-day festival.  With all that in mind, we take our hats off to someone who still has time to plan a special anniversary gig.

Berlin's Marlene von Steenvag will be performing at Chaz Royal's Future Primitive anniversary show.

Berlin’s Marlene von Steenvag will perform at Chaz Royal’s Future Primitive anniversary show

Titled Future Primitive, the revue will take the audience to the year 2112, in a planet overrun by man-eating showgirls. The cast includes stars from London, Finland, Berlin and Paris, with Irish maniac Big Chief Random Chaos on hosting duties.

The all-seater show takes place on November 24th at West London’s Bush Hall and has a maximum capacity of 250 fully seated guests.  Want to be the lucky winner of a pair of tickets? There are three ways to do it:

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Chaz Royal’s Future Primitive plays at the Bush Hall on November 24th. See for tickets and other details.


Photo credits: Gui O’Connor, exclusively for This Is Cabaret