What ho! Bourne & Hollingworth and The Chap Magazine join forces next month for the elegantly demented Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball and we have two tickets to give away.



On Saturday 7 December, the unraffishly refined amongst you will be retrieving the tweed from the wardrobe and heading down to the 5th Anarcho Dandyist Ball at the Bloomsbury Ballroom for an evening of jolly japes and perhaps a cocktail or two.

This is an event of some pedigree given the names behind it. On the one hand, The Chap Magazine is famous for such events as the decidedly bonkers Chap Olympiad while on the other, Bourne & Hollingworth are renowned purveyors of exquisite alcoholic beverages. Another B&H co-hosted party, Belle Epoque with Torture Garden, was a smash earlier this year so we expect nothing less than the best from this affair.

Awaiting those lucky enough to lay their hands on tickets is a positively astounding mix of entertainment. Actor, comedian and prog musician Mike Livesley will be presenting his version of Vivian Stanshall’s 1980s classic play Sir Henry At Rawlinson End in its entirety. DJ Auntie Maureen will be avoiding new-fangled technologies like the ague to bring her eclectic collection of melodies to the masses while star turn Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer is a delight in his own right, a chap-hop champion who sounds a little something like this.

In the words of that song, stop fiddle-faddling and come to the ball. There are three ways to earn yourself a couple of tickets.

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● “Like” our Facebook page and share our competition image (if you don’t “like” us, we have no way of identifying you).

● E-mail win@thisiscabaret.com with the subject line COMPETITION-ANARCHYINTHEBALLROOM.

Choose one of the above. The competition’s deadline is 11am on Wednesday 4 December 2013. This Is Cabaret will choose one winner by lucky draw and contact them with details on how to redeem their prize. By submitting an entry to this competition you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.

Should you wish to obtain your tickets in the traditional manner, they are available online at www.nightof1000waistcoats.com for twenty British pounds.