Miss Behave’s Game Show is on at the London Wonderground for the next four Saturdays.

Miss Behave’s Game Show is on at the London Wonderground for the next four Saturdays.

We’ve banged on about the London Wonderground all summer and for good reason. There’s something about being able to order a drink on a slowly moving carousel before reclining in a beer garden by the Thames and then going on to a show at the Spiegeltent. This weekend, the big top is invaded by compère extraordinaire Miss Behave and her Game Show.

Let’s be clear: this isn’t some cheesy panel quiz which will be repeated at 2am on Dave. The women here aren’t token faces to keep the politically correct and the amateur statisticians happy. There’s not just games as Miss Behave has some rather excellent acts up her glittery sleeves. The action is pre-scripted to an extent, but only to an extent; much of what happens is down to the audience (see below for examples). And you will need your mobile phone charged and handy. No excuses.

If you’re busy on Saturday, Miss Behave’s Game Show will be appearing as part of the Not Television Festival on Sunday or at the London Wonderground on the next three Saturdays.

Still undecided? Here are seven solid reasons to carefully consider.

1. Do you want to see someone twerk it like a pro? Watch and learn, Miley Cyrus, watch and learn.


2. How awesome can contact juggler Matt Hennem be? This awesome.


3. Had a bad week? Feeling stressed and angry at the travails of modern life? Step right up.


4. Justin Timberlake, move aside. Musical genius and sex symbol Earl Okin coming through.


5. Ever had a hidden desire to see two clones compete in a public drinking contest? This could be your chance.


6. Dancing comic duo The Two Wrongies had their own strange ideas for the Olympics: window licking, hat wanging and hammer tampon. No, no need to change that prescription.


7. What has four legs, four arms and makes you laugh uncontrollably? Raymond and Mr Timpkins, obviously.


Full information on Miss Behave’s Game Show can be found here.