A drop of golden sun? Sarah-Louise Young's Julie Madly Deeply will be at Cellardoor and St James Theatre this week.

A drop of golden sun? Sarah-Louise Young’s Julie Madly Deeply will be at Cellardoor and St James Theatre this week.

Cabaret Zinger Of The Week: Julie Madly Deeply (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)

Earlier this year before walking away with the Best Musical Variety prize at the 2013 London Cabaret Awards, Sarah-Louise Young let slip about her latest work with long-time collaborator Michael Roulston. Based on the life and works of one Dame Julie Elizabeth Andrews, there are two chances to see it this week in London before it heads to the Edinburgh Fringe.

As they say at our local steak house nowadays, it’s horses for courses. If you’re the kind more inclined to spend their money on cocktails than tickets, catch Ms Young for free at Cellardoor on Wednesday. Those who prize their weekday evenings and rather enjoy being above ground can see her show at St James Theatre on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Doctor Brown, all week

The multi-award winning American mime will see you for a generous slice of genuine hilarity. Unluckily for us, the doctor is NHS (not here soon) so what are you waiting for? He’ll be at the Soho Theatre until 20 April.

Bianco, all week
Remember Fuerzabruta? The Roundhouse stages another large scale immersive circus this week with Bianco from the NoFit Circus. We’ll be there on Wednesday, probably gawping.

Cabaret Roulette, Wednesday
What comes to mind when you think of “Asylum”? Expect a gaggle of eye-popping interpretations as a new set of performers dig into the depths of their dark and bizarre minds to create or adapt works especially for this show. Stick around to the end to help decide the theme of the next event.

Empress Stah in Space, Wednesday to Saturday

Part of the SPILL festival, Empress Stah is a woman of many talents and experiences having made a film in Amsterdam, floated in zero gravity and performed her aerial and burlesque routines around the world. Her new show sounds techno-awesome, featuring as it does 3D animation and video mapping.
Our little geek heart won’t stop beating.

It’s Your Funeral, Thursday

We have no idea if the ghost or corpse of Lady Thatcher is planning a guest appearance but, either way, this funereal freakshow describes itself as “a macabre dark tragicomedy journey.” So, just like getting the N13 on a Friday night and hopefully just as busy. This is the launch night which means they will be trying extra hard to please you. Milk it while you can by drinking in a top-notch line-up including Riding The Valkyrie, Rubyyy Jones and Mr Mistress.

Hope Springs’ Sunday Soiree, Sunday

Hope Springs, the epitome of “sophisticamp” and a purveyor of old school piano cabaret, will be at Crazy Coqs for another Sunday servicing of the punters therein. We enjoyed it and we think you will too so