David & Fofo are amongst the La Soirée crew returning to London from 5 November.

David & Fofo are amongst the La Soirée crew returning to London from 5 November.

One of the greatest globe-trotting cabaret experiences bringing their own fireworks to the capital from 5 November. Hold onto your hats: La Soirée is back in a big way.

While Cirque du Soleil is all about the high concept circus in posh venues, La Soirée is its spit and sawdust cousin bringing together a revolving troupe of star names. It will be hosting them in their own big top which they will be parking on the South Bank until January.

The latest motley crew of ultra-talented individuals features faces old and new. One pair of familiar faces will be The English Gents (Denis Lock and Hamish McCann) who have been with La Soirée for a number of years. They are the living embodiment of strength and style, combining impressive physical feats with imaginative and graceful routines. Check out McCann’s “Feeling Good”-themed pole routine and tell us we’re wrong.

The debutants are no-one’s idea of chopped liver. Standing over six feet tall in his costume, La Soirée debutant Scotty the Blue Bunny is like an acid trip gone right. The American sings, he twirls, he performs magic and he goes around the world busting balloons with his butt. Swedish duo David & Fofo will serve up a swirling cocktail of ping-pong balls, juggling, acrobatics and trapeze while Australian Asher Treleaven is all mouth and trousers, a male stand-up comedian with circus school training. Another man adding a ladle of humour to the proceedings is juggler Marcus Monroe, winner of the Andy Kaufman award for original and creative comedy who will be appearing in London with La Soirée for the first time.

Wife-and-wife team Ursula Martinez and Jess Love are both appearing and each is a spectacular performer in their own right. Croydon-born Martinez is renowned for her “red hanky” routine; when an unofficial video of her performing it went live, she turned the resulting avalanche of attention into a new show. She now franchises the act for use by four other women from Soho to Las Vegas but La Soirée audiences will her in the flesh when she steps out on stage. Love is a world record breaking hula hooper hailing from Down Under who has a wide array of circus skills. Outside of the big top, she has appeared this summer in variety show Black Cat Cabaret and has made appearances at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and one of the Barbican’s Christmas shows.

Rounding out the main cast are comic contortionist Jonathan Burns and the world’s one and only flying pole duo Saulo & Anna (the former of which won the Cirque du Soleil Special Prize for innovation and originality). There will be other guests added throughout the run so there’s plenty of excuses for a return trip.

La Soirée starts its run on 5 November and continues through to 11 January. Tickets are from £15. There are no shows on Mondays but two on Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm and 10pm. The Christmas schedule will vary so keep an eye on the Southbank Centre’s website for the latest information.