There are parties and then there are Hi-Top Drop parties. Next week, you can experience the latter.

Hi Top Drop

Quite possibly the fiercest redmop-fronted threesome to hit the dancefloor since Dee-Lite, Hi-Top Drop come with the kind of calibre that hardcore NRA nuts would sell their grandmothers for. Miss Frisky (she of much-loved music-mashers Frisky & Mannish) will be trading verbal spars with Tommie-Fraude Monet (hay-kay-hay Robin Bailey of the Vocal Orchestra) while DJ Kirk Mercury provides the incendiary beats which bring the collective together.

And it is more than just about the sound. Expect some cheeky humour thrown in for good measure amongst the tunes when Hi-Top Drop take to the stage on Saturday 9 November at the O2 Academy Islington with two-time UK Female Beatbox Champion Grace Savage and electro-dance Youtube sensation Savlonic. Before them, here are a handful of reasons why they think you should get out and come party with them.

Come get your dance on

Obvs, dancing is one of the most important human pastimes. Not only is it an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise, it’s also recognised in many cultures as a form of meditation, relaxation, and/or as a mating ritual.

As long as you steer clear of twerking. Don’t twerk. Twerking was over the moment Jonathon Ross did a whole bit about it. You’ll find us somewhere near the middle of the room pioneering a genre we call Free Rave.


Look so ridiculous you come all the way back round to AWESOME

The only thing better than getting out and dancing your ass off, is getting out and dancing your ass off dressed in whatever the living eff you feel like putting on your body.

Leopard-print ass-less chaps? Go for it. Full Mariachi costume? Why the hell not? Elephant onesie? Obviously. We intend to dress more cray-cray than the lot of you. Bring it.


Enjoy a wide selection of “beats.”

We pride ourselves on being purveyors of dance-beats, party tunes, and general musical nonsense of the top drawer. We’re not even going to wang on about it, listen for yourself right here.


Feel cool

If not by association, then in comparison. Let’s face it, the guy wearing a traffic cone is either the single funniest person you can imagine being dreamt into existence, or the one person who is undeniably a bigger douche than you. Now, even we don’t do the traffic cone thing (they’re surprisingly heavy) but consider it a metaphor then either way your life is richer and your day just a bit sweeter.

And you know you’re definitely cool.


Russell Brand says the revolution is coming.

If this is true, then we have literally minutes in which to enjoy the last vestiges of capitalism, namely self-indulgent over-expenditure on the trappings of pleasure, such as shoes, booze, parties, kittens and kebabs.

Allow us the pleasure of supplying at the very least one of these things right at your face on next Saturday. The tickets are a Brand-approvable £6 available from here or there.

Photo credit: Michel Dierickx