Did someone unwrap their present early? Randolph Hott (above) and the rest of Boylexe crew have some sizzling tips for your man.

Buying for boys at any time of year is not easy, we hear. So let’s forget about what they want and focus on a perhaps more selfish aim: getting him something that will make him the hottest guy in town. 

And who better to ask for gift ideas then than the sexiest muthas around? We roped in the handsome-as-hell Boylexe crew for some Yuletide insight. So, chaps, what would make you feel sexy this Christmas?


 Alp Haydar, host of Boylexe

How about a chain? Something to wear around your neck is quite kinky and it’s a pretty awesome gesture to share with someone, putting it on and belonging to somebody. If there’s something on the chain, a little medallion or something, and you’ve pinned your partner down, the little charm might get caught between your lips as you kiss – hot!

Oh, and enough with the comedy thongs and novelty gifts. You can pick up a poxy piece of jewellery from Argos for 15 quid. People need think outside of the box more.


Randolph Hott

The gift that makes me feel sexiest is a luxuriant Egyptian linen towel wrapped around my waist. When I wear it, I can see the anticipation and desire in my lover’s eyes. They know what’s to come and the tortuous wait makes me feel hotter with each passing moment.


Phil InGud

Pretty much anything from the shop Expectations would turn me on and would make for a very sexy Christmas. You should definitely let your imagination run wild over the festive period!


Mr Mistress

As long as it’s big, sparkly and super expensive, I’m game. Oh and put the receipt in the box in case I wanna return it. Happy holidays, my darlings!


Bobby Devah

Maybe some nice Red Egyptian Cotton sheets with velvet detail on the front. Or some cute black pants from either Aware SOHO or Timote Sport. Is that the right answer? Do I win?


And in the spirit of giving and getting turned on, what better to give than the gift of Boylexe? 

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Image credit: Magnus Arrevad