What do you get the girl who has enough stockings and plenty of sparkly bras at Christmas time? Time to ask the experts…

Steve Hart Follys

Not too long ago we asked those cheeky Boylexe Boys what they wanted to find under their Christmas trees this festive season. It only seemed fair to get the girls point of view so here are a few gift ideas for the gorgeous girl in your life, courtesy of the Folly Mixtures. So tell us ladies, what would you like Santa to leave in your stockings this year?

Liberty Sweet
I would like five new pairs of nipples as ours have been ripped off by tit-tape during the busy festive period.
Ooh La Lou
A hammer and wrecking ball. Just thinking ahead for 2014 publicity.
Ooh La Lou
Felixy Splits
Bettsie Bon Bon
All five members of Boylexe on hand to carry our suitcases of costumes and sparkly goods around.
Ella Boo
Bubbly wine! Obvs.

So there we go people. Stuck for ideas? Just ask your local burlesque queens and voila, gift ideas to suit every occasion!

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Photos: Steve Hart Photography @ Dress Me Up and Shoot Me.