Franco Milazzo Franco Milazzo Editor-in-Chief
From his first experience of cabaret in a converted toilet off The Strand, Franco knew he was seeing a revolution that would not –- could not -– be televised. When not gadding about town like a dark, swarthy Sicilian stereotype, he will be spreading the love about the UK’s kookiest and kinkiest entertainment scene.
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Guilherme Zühlke O’Connor Senior Editor
An insatiable curious person, Gui O’Connor is a photographer, web developer and bread hacker. He suffers from an obsessive interest about creative minds, and the cabaret scene is one of many London features that help him overindulge it. His name is pronounced “ghee”, by the way.
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Nicola Rainbow Contributing Editor
Unable to resist the lure of bright lights and rhinestones, Nicola became involved in the cabaret scene by being related to, living with and befriending burlesque stars. Whilst not being a dab-hand at fans or thongs herself, she has remained a, mostly, fully clothed and enthusiastic hanger-on. From Madame JoJo’s to Café de Paris, fuelled by gin and bubbly wine, Nicola has been unofficially reviewing cabaret shows since she moved to London nearly two years ago. She’s currently studying for a Creative Writing Masters but still finds the time to lend a hand as a show-stopping prop-maker and stage sweeper.
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cap Katharine Kavanagh Circus 
From a background in devising contemporary theatre, Katharine took her 1st Class Degree from Dartington College of Arts off to explore various forms of theatrical entertainment, with a particular passion for work that acknowledges the audience as an equally present partner. Heck, she likes street theatre, participatory engagement, physical prowess and circus. She runs critical website The Circus Diaries.
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Writers, Reviewers And Columnists


Ophelia Bitz
Ophelia Bitz is a ring mistress, compère and curator of the infamous ArtWank productions. As a writer, she has contributed to Time Out, The Erotic Review and Bad Feminist. She lives on a WW2 torpedo boat and when not flouncing about on stage enjoys opinionated socialising, cycling and complicated cooking. Performance credits include Derren Brown’s “Trick or Treat”, touring with the Tiger Lillies, talking head spots on Channel 4 and more or less every spit-and-sawdust cabaret joint in the UK.
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Alex Chappel
Man about town Alex Chappel has a background in art and film making, and set up Decima Projects 14 years ago, putting on live music, burlesque & cabaret events as well as art & film events around the globe. He also set up “Al’s Explosive Roadshow” mobile disco at the age of 13 and continues to DJ today. Alex is as at home in the film world and art world as he is in the live performance world, and is often found fraternising backstage having blagged it in masquerading as some sort of videographer or journalist. He has been writing reviews on cabaret, theatre and art for about two years, and works for his own production company based in Soho.
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Sara Cluderay
Sara Cluderay is a classical chorister and cabaret singer. Cabaret appearances include the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, the Battersea Barge, The Pheasantry, Don’t Tell Mama in New York City and a residency at Sunday Cabaret (West End). She is one half of soprano diva cabaret duo Two Dumb Blondes.
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Laura Cress
Starting out as an enthusiastic reviewer for Three Weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where she wrote about everything from the Poet Laureate performing in a local delicatessen to a hip hop adaptation of a Midsummer Night’s Dream, Laura took her love of writing about all things weird and wonderful with her when she moved to London, and hasn’t stopped attending performancessince. She now reviews for theatre website Broadway Baby and runs the London new music and film listings website
Will Davis
Will Davis is the award-winning author of My Side of the Story, Dream Machine and The Trapeze Artist (Bloomsbury). He has written for The Guardian, The Writers’ and Artist’s Yearbook, is also Books and Fiction Editor for Attitude magazine. In addition to this, he is a trained aerialist and a regular performer on the London and UK cabaret circuit.
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Myra Dubois Myra DuBois
Myra DuBois is Rotherham’s finest entertainment export since Paul Shane. Since arriving in the capital in 2009 she has held a year long residency at Madame JoJo’s, performed at some of the most revered Cabaret venues in London, toured the UK, starred in two very adult pantomimes, received almost sycophantic praise at the Edinburgh Fringe and lost at the London Cabaret Awards. You can’t have everything.
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Ed Gosling Ed Gosling
Ed entered the world of circus and cabaret by accident at the age of 19 and made it his home. After performing across the UK and Europe for several years he had a brief stint as a fiction editor before setting up Chivaree Circus which he now runs and performs with. He lives in a warehouse in east London filled floor to ceiling with performers and circus toys: this makes him very happy.
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Jackie Le
Jackie is an expat living in London since 2003. Originally thinking she’d be a painter, she started using her creativity physically in circus at the late age of 25, performing a year later after being told numerous times to use her naturally talented pointed toes. She then liaised her way through the cabaret scene, opening her eyes to the big and wonderful world of glitter and lights.
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Alita O’Ginn
When not scouring Soho for the best gin-based cocktails, Alita can be found lurking in dark corners of various cabaret venues. A self-confessed anachronistic lush, she craves 1920s glamour and 21st century technology. Having lived all over the UK, she finally settled in London, finding comfort in the arrogant, self-obsessed culture the capital is so proud of. Her motto in life is “Give me convenience or give me gin! But mainly give me gin.”
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Sarah-Jane O'Neill Sarah Jane O’Neill
Long time doyenne of alternative nightlife and creator of satirical blog High Heels and Reprobates, Sarah Jane loves a good floor show and an established turn. When not organising other peoples’ parties, she can be found road-testing martinis and exploring London’s dark underbelly in a pair of vertiginous heels.
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Tricity Vogue
Cheeky jazz singer Tricity Vogue has gathered a cult following from shows including Ukulele Cabaret and variety collective The Blue Stocking Society. An international performer, she’s also a no-nonsense Yorkshire lass and an award-winning scriptwriter with show-business instincts honed over a decade working in TV.
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Helen Whitcher
Helen started her musical career as a tuba player, and is now a composer, writer and performer currently living in London. With extensive training in music, she is passionate about performance and pushing the boundaries of creative collaboration. During her studies, Helen was introduced to the world of circus and cabaret, and has since started performing as a hula hoop artist. She regularly collaborates with performers of various disciplines to create new performance pieces. These range from a piece for contortionist and prepared harp, right through to electronic backing tracks for hula hoops and jugglers. She now concentrates her new pieces on custom made electronic music and individually crafted acoustic works, carefully designed to accompany each performer. Helen has worked with seasoned cabaret performers and prestigious dance companies, including Transitions Dance Company. Her work has been performed throughout the UK and overseas. As a writer she enjoys anything out of the ordinary. Whilst continuing to review various music events throughout the capital, Helen now revels in the challenge of experiencing and as many odd things as possible.
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